Sunday, 26 August 2007

Window Shopping

City Mall

My eyes kinda hurt and my heart was hurting too when everywhere i go i seemed to spot something that looks pretty enough to have but actually i dont need it...hmn..its something like going groceries shopping with an empty stomach and you ended up putting too much stuffs on the cart when you don't actually need them but your hunger kinda directed you to all the nescessary things coz its telling you it's hungry so what ever you set your eyes to look at you tend to put it in the cart and somehow everything looks delicious. But when you get home you ended up cooking the most simplest of food coz its easier and fast and coz your stomach is growling and therefore need food FAST! Then after your hunger has been appeased, when you look at the stuffs you bought gosh! what a hurricane! hahaha....usually we wont be able to think rationnally until its too late and this is the case. BUT thank god, its not yet pay day time so the purse is kinda empty and credit cards was left at home for safe keeping :) So no major disaster just a lot of "kegeramness" + "sakit hati & jiwa" + eyes refused to focus + no mood" all this feelings but for a good cause..i managed to not buy anything yeahh!! (clap! clap! clap!) well not that i have the money at the moment to indulge in buying stuffs..but after a while when i left the place felt much better coz i managed to control! yeah! But i did buy food are some pics to tell the story :)

The Tourist

Tourist girl from dunno where in action..thank god for my camera at least i got busy taking pics instead of really looking at stuffs that i know i couldnt buy..hahahaha

The Players...

L-R : Clarity, ms. danne. lilblackdots and morientez (President)

ms prettykismet

ms danne

ms chicky egg

and finally

ms lilblackdots

These are the peeps that go gaga with window shopping but another cool thing is ..i get to finally meet with lilblackdots "Sean the Pirate" and he is sososososos cute :)
Emmuahhh on his cheeks lots ! :-)

"Sean the Pirate"

ok the two things that i actually bought

ice creams & KFC

and my favourite pic of all...

such a profound "bewilderment" look..Confusion resulting from failure to understand why we are shopping and killing our eyes and heart when we dont have money kah that ms danne?? Well no worries nanti we will play counterstrike when we gaji we go and appeased the unappeased ok :-)

Beautiful girls..they only wanna go shopping, (ha ha ha)

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