Monday, 20 August 2007

Pap Smear are some of the women health issues thats quite dear to me so i hope to put up as much information as possible regarding this matter as i want to know as well as want to share what i learn But usually we just don't have the time to read but whatever our excuses are in life information is all out there we just need to grab it. Read on people! ;)

What could they mean?

(HealthDay News) -- Most women should get their first Pap smear -- a test to detect cervical cancer -- once they become sexually active or reach age 18, the American Academy of Family Physicians says.

The test is recommended once a year until a woman has had at least three negative ones. After this, a woman should have a Pap smear at least every three years, unless her doctor thinks the test is needed more often, the academy says.

What could a positive result mean? The academy lists these possibilities:

  • Inflammation of the cervix, attributable to factors including a yeast infection, HPV, herpes virus or other infection.
  • Very early signs of cancer of the cervix, a condition called dysplasia.
  • Moderately advanced cervical cancer.
  • Very advanced stages of cancer.

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