Saturday, 25 August 2007

Temptation is GREAT!!

The road to damnation......

it doesn't take much to fall under it's spell...after trying out a few flavours finally we succumb to our own weakness...huhuhu

Ms. Danne & Clarity
should now be known as Ms Rum Raisin and Ms Coffee
coz we are only humans...
so we have cravings and desires and needs...

And...Like Morientez always likes to say "Temptation is Great"
and this surely gonna tip my scaling down efforts to a better me...but i guess it wont hurt much..but the thought counts...huhuhu

anyways here you will see the culprit and also the victims and one tiny "rotten egg" there that made us the victims of our indulgence and succumb to our weakness !!
Jahat punya Cheeky Egg! hu hu hu ~Cry~

look at our not so guilty face then..coz we were loving it..but now....its bad enough i betrayed my one favorite Ice cream Joint which is Veda Blu and look at that face...loving every minute of hu hu

well who doesn't love Haagen Dazs ice creamm yummmyyy!

Ms coffee Flavoured Ice Cream,

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