Thursday, 23 August 2007

Our sweetest escape....

Another day gone by and what an eventful day it was with a few meetings at work and work to be done...chatting with friends near and far. Its a typical mundane day at work indeed. Lunch was ok too..although i didn't get to eat my current fav food which is the Mee Hoon Vege Soup..yummy..but today i had something ordinary like mee maggie goreng wt sayur and no meat...but just as always...they never seemed to get out order correct so when my i got my oder which was supposed to be "No Meat" but there's meat in it. i was terribly hungry so what to do just chuck it in and forget about arguing about it. so that was lunch.

next was the moment i have been waiting for and thats the date wt ms. Danne at the Sports complex.
Check out these pics and description according to pic #

1. The scenery

2. The pose before the "killing me softly" workout..hehehe

3. Ok ....we are walking and Ms. Danne looking very serious...ermnn walking.. ;))

4. By the time we decided to do some floor exercise thats how gelap it was.

5. My ever so tired running feeties...huhuhu

6. "WE" kinda wondering...why are we doing this to ourselves?

7. sweaty me...trying to show that we did run :)

8. sunsetting and taking in the frsh air konon and just relax.

9. Ok..back to desc. #6 i have the answer to that..suffer now and gain in the end...I HOPE!!

Sweaty Me,

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