Thursday, 20 August 2009

The Verve - 1st Part

Hello Peeps, i was trying to findsome sort of an inpiration for me to blog again since i've left it lifeless for some months now, but i finally got into hearing this lovely song by the group "Verve" and was having momentous moment of inspiration to begin my blog and so i did.

These past months been flying like jet planes and it's hard to keep pace to everything that is going on around me. New place, new people new goals new this and new that but i also know i have piles and piles ok let me correct them in virtual terms i have giga bites and giga bites of pictures in store in my hard drive right now begging to tell a story of it's own, but i just dont have enough hand and eyes and most of all TIME.

Then, i told myself i cant showcase all the pictures but sure i can present them in such a way so that it gets easier to tell the story and so it is. Last year i've purchased some pretty cool softwares to edit videos that i have but is yet to use it until today.

The Preparation

The Church Wedding

The Wedding Lunch

here is a short summary of the main people involved in making this a remarkable and beautiful dream come true for me :)

Wedding Planner


Mapsey – Do - Little

Make-up Artist


Fauziah Maik



Benny Liew -

Jean Mi - Nantes



Paris Bridal House

Petites dresses


Jurra -

Thats just to name a few that was involved directly with the preparation of our wedding, there are a few treasured people that i will mentioned later at the end of my second part of my post where i will dedicate somethign for all of them who have help made our wedding as beautiful as i can imagined it could be and pictures of my best favourie pictures i will also post later on my next post so at the mean time hope all of you enjoy watching this three video composition i made myself just for keepsakes :)

Take care everyone and enjoy the video and see you on my 2nd post of my wedding memories:)

bisous pour tout

À bientôt!


Saturday, 1 August 2009

Hello once again :)

After a long silence from me i finally found some tiny bits of moments to spare and blog about some in here but not much as i havent yet prepared some of the pics but soon it will be up and about on my blog :)

Once again its been like a roller coaster for me and my family here in France and also back in Sabah for we hosted our ceremonial and religious wedding ceremony back in Kota kinabalu and the whole family in France flew accross the world to be in Kota kinabalu to witness the wedding and so i have one big happy family all in one roof :) It's not an easy task but like mon coeur always's manageable which is true and we did it :)

The second leg of the roller coaster ride is organising the trips by which the whole family travelled together and enjoy our holiday and stay in Kota Kinabalu for as much as we can and make wonderful memories together.

As you can see there is so much to blog about and thousands of pictures to share but definately we cant do it all in one go so hopefully in time i will managed to cover all of the trips and event happening in my life and hopefully i will be resting from travelling for a while but looks like Africa is in the horizon for our next stop, so this means i have to hurry up and play catch up with my blogging then before i start blogging about my next destination.

Anyhow, to everyone thanks for the visit to my blog , eventhough i havent had much changed since the last post but i'm determine to do something about it an do some serious blogging here hehehehe :)

ah well, take care everyone and have a wonderful day, week and months ahead :)

Love always,