Tuesday, 21 August 2007

Sliming away ...

Well, half of the day i was working real hard with what i was doing at work but half of it ermnn...just sliming away....actually i've learned a new cool word to describe if, for some reason you find yourself with nothing else to do and its kinda like a snail sliming away the day coz its moving real slow..hehehe so now im going to use the word "sliming"

After work was kinda exciting for me as me and ms Danne went for our first jogging expedition at the sports centre nearby our working place. It was an exhilarating workout..not bad for our first time jogging off our excess...ermnn stuffs ...mwahhh hahahaha :)

Ok basically here is what we did at the sport complex -->

All in all...we both had a good time and you guys must be wondering why i put up a chart like that thats because we both didnt get our camera phones with us and therefore no pictures so this chart make up what we cant provide which in this case were them pictures hehehehe...sountil next time ms Danne...ready for another exhilarating experience at the sports complex?? :)

signing off


danne@delphina said...

hahaha!! so cuteeeee!! u built a diagram on our "slimming-all-the-way" sessioon!! i like!!

I_ AM _ CLARITY ! said...

I have learned a new word from morientez and the word is "improvise" for the things that we dont have we just make do of what we have available so thts what i was doing...i dont have pictures to show but a diagram sure does explain what we were up to tht day :) let go power rangers k daphne ;)

Dan pada sesiapa yg nak juin tuh ..silalah..kedatangan anda dialu-alukan ....the more the merrier :) just make sure we lose the pounds thts all tht matters ;)