Sunday, 19 August 2007

I'm trying to lose weight......konon lah..

Ok i wanna look like this (konon! according to cheeky egg hahaha) ----->

so i guess i need to eat lots of time in small portions ..i remember ms danne telling me about this and do i listen No :( Now....need to reformat and do it right back again and hopefully this time i get what i want from what i set myself to do! So its payback time!

Grazing and Weight Loss

The Problem
"I'm trying to lose weight. I was told to try small meals every couple of hours, but I feel like I'm constantly eating and overeating. What should I do? How does this affect my weight loss?"

The Solutions

1. Grazing works
"This way of eating enables you to change your metabolism. Eating small meals keeps your blood sugar level from making large up-and-down fluctuations; believe it or not, it is much better for you."

2. If you can't graze, just snack
"You don't need to be eating small balanced meals every two hours. The trick is to break up the nutrition you need in a day to have as snacks in between meals. Don't skip a meal to save calories -- that has the opposite effect. Your body will hold onto fat calories (survival mode) and burn muscle because that is the most readily available energy source. This will in turn lower your metabolism, making it that much harder to lose weight."

3. Listen to your body
"Eating several small meals a day means eating when your body, not your mind, is hungry. When people wait for the standard meal times (breakfast, lunch, dinner), often we are so hungry we overeat. If you eat when your body tells you you're hungry, you will eat more frequently but fewer total calories and feel more satiated."

4. Eat breakfast
"You need to make a commitment to yourself to eat breakfast before you leave the house. This is very important to jump-start your metabolism. The longer you put off breakfast, the longer you put off burning more calories because your metabolism is still extremely low from sleeping eight hours."

5. Make good food choices
"I always put fruits and veggies at the top of my list of food to eat first and foods made with flour or starch at the bottom. Eat all your servings of fruits and veggies first, then treat yourself to pretzels, a tortilla or rice."

"Stick to WHOLE foods -- that means keep the processed, chemical-laden, sugar- and salt-saturated foods to a minimum. Fresh LIVE foods digest more easily, are nutrient- and enzyme-packed and provide a good amount of water."

6. Drink water
"It is also imperative that you have at least eight eight-ounce glasses of water every day. This is the amount of water your body loses in a typical day - not including the extra water you will lose due to exercise. You have to make a conscious effort in the beginning to get all your water in, but it will become second nature in just a little bit of time.

7. Be a conscious eater
"Keep a diary of the things you eat until you become accustomed to portion control."

8. Savor your meals
"Try making up a nice plate and eating only what you have chosen for that meal. Never go back and put more food on your plate. Make each meal small (about 300 calories) and sit down someplace that is peaceful and enjoy each bite."

9. Don't forget exercise and activity
"If you really want to speed up your weight loss, incorporate exercise. Exercise could be anything that your body is not already used to doing; any bit of activity you add into your lifestyle will have positive side effects. Just keep at it and don't give up.

"If your workplace has stairs, use them rather than the elevator. Take the long way around the stores when you shop. Park way out in the parking lot so you can walk."


Denise said...

CANNOT! u wont be like her one..cuz ur susu masih kici~ hhahahhahahaha

I_ AM _ CLARITY ! said...

Ermm..part about the susu thingy i think i dont have much to complain about ok what my...ermnn, but part yang tummy tuh lah yg i meant not my susu :P deniseeeeeee!!!!

Pretty Kismet said...

oooiii chickey....her nenen is bigger than the pic lah..apa lah u

I_ AM _ CLARITY ! said...

Ok now i need to ketawa guling guling ...hahahahaha..kecian my nenen kena sebut2 the name hahaha :)