Friday, 31 August 2007

My life!

Ever since I was a little girl my life have always revolved around my grandma. My grandma is pretty much dotted on me and stayed with me everyday at kinder school. I was quite famous during my kinder years for im the only kid who have their grandma sit outside the school and brought food not just for me but to all my mates at school. Even until now...after 33 years of my life, whenever i met my kinder friends such as zulie and Johan,we always talk about how my grandma brought food for us during recess time...hehehe. Those were the days...but grandma passed on 6 years ago and i was gonna write something on the 28th august coz if she were still alive she would be 79 years old on that day, but I couldn't write anything coz i was very much too emotional to write anything until now.

My Inspiration...
my inspiration and love of my life my "mummy nenek"

I'm so glad that i have all the wonderful memories of her in my life to carry with me forever and i can passed on to my kids and grand kids hopefully one day and talk about how i become me and how my grandma plays the biggest role in shaping me to be the woman that i am today.

Well grandma, even though you are not here with me anymore, but the thought of you will always live in my mind and in my heart coz every bit of me is you an di cant thank you enough for giving me life just as it is and taught me to embrace life the way you would have embrace your life if you were given the chance way back then. I sometimes feel like you were trying to live your life in me when you told me to go out into the world and just learn from it because you never had the chance to do it for you have a different life placed upon you. A different kind of life that made you the toughest and courageous woman to be able to raise 12 children and never once forget how important education is. I can talk forever when it comes to my beautiful childhood spent with my grandma in the village where i was born and raised by her with the watchful eyes of my parents. But i am glad i had double parenting guidance coz it made me feel twice loved ...hehehe how lucky can a person be :)

Anyhow, just wanna take the opportunity to express my gratitude and love towards my grandma thats forever will be in my heart and soul for she lives in me and always will mummy nenek "I LOve You" always and peace be with you always..

my grandma's favorite orchid bloomed on her birthday
28th August 2007

Love you always
your Lala


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