Friday, 31 December 2010

New Year Eve 2010 :)

Before i go any further with this post would first like to give hugs and calin to everyone coz it's new year's eve and we are away from both our families so this big teddy bear or nounours to help me give everyone a joyous big hug :)

It's the time of the year where we reflect back to what we have done through out the whole year and what we have achieved and what is not yet realized and what will be brought forward to the next new year. And just like the year before here is my summary of  2010 :)

The 1st thing that i obviously didn't managed to achieve is to post in my blog for 365 days for 2010. I must say it's the most difficult thing to do coz i kept getting distraction after distraction especially when an event happened and photos seems to be piling up and cant process them fast enough to post them. Big events such as going on vacation and getting oneself pregnant certainly took a lot of my time off  blogging so overall i have been a bad blogger indeed :(

Other then that, hmnnn, i cant think of any :)

Now, let's talk about the nice things in 2010 :)

Firstly, my baby sister's marriage in KK in May a wonderful event indeed and then our short vacation and  reunion in KK and KL . Finally our vacation in Europe, our holiday trip to Italy with the newly weds which was a memorable one. Then our Air Balloon ride, and visited 4 chateau which was a superb wedding gift from our family and friends in France when we got married in 2009 and only get to realised it June 2010. 

Secondly, managed to make another round of walking down the memory lane when we stayed again in Paris and relived again our memory of July 14th 2008 when we attend again the fireworks display at Champs De Mars at the Eiffel Tower.  Experienced my first Fete de  la Musique in Paris. And finally managed to squeeze some time to visit the Madieval City in Provins, superb indeed :)

Thirdly, which was the most happiest event in our life is when we found out that we are pregnant in September :)  The most wonderful news indeed :)

and finally, our December Vacation in Malaysia and France to celebrate Noel :) and a short vacation with my parents and petit Ferdinand in KL and not forgetting also Numerous Reunions in Lyon and in KK  and KL and Beauvoir Sur Mer and La Baulle just made up a wonderful and memorable December vacation for both of us :)

There you go my summary of 2010. I am sure that 2011 will bring a much more colourful  and beautiful moment for all of us and we certainly are looking forward to the arrival of our Little One in June and that will definitely change and enrich our life for the better :)
here is to all our family and friends wherever you are, have a wonderful slide to the year of the Rabbit 2011!
Bonne Annee a tous!

À bientôt

Saturday, 25 December 2010

Merry Christmas 2010 and a happy New Year 2011!

Just wishing everyone a very 
Merry Christmas 
& A Happy New Year 2011!

Would like to wish all my beloved family and friends wherever you are a very Happy and Merry Christmas and love all of you always!
Picture taken @ Basilique in Lyon

À bientôt

Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Its That time of the year again...

Well it's that time of the year again where we have to + 1 to our age number and this is the 2nd year i get to celebrate my birthday in Luanda, Angola and i hope next year its not going to be the case and im crossing all my fingers and toes that next year i will be somewhere closer to home :)

Like last year we went out in the evening to celebrate my birthday but this time around because of some unforseen trouble with me, we cant go out for dinner instead lunch is very much preferred and so it is :)
And this was the weekend of my birthday.

Just like last year, mon coeur took me to my favourite resteaurant here in Luanda and thats in a place called ¨Coconuts¨ and it was a nice and refreshing place to be after a long while staying indoors, so it was a wonderful change of scenes and the breeze was fantastic and so was the food!

Our food! i like very much the banana Split but after going thru half of it i just cant go on anymore and thank god hubby is there to finish the dessert up for me :)

The view was just fantastic!

And as for the weekend before my birthday, hubby took me to a chinese restaurant called ¨Taiping¨ and it's definately my kinda taste of food and i especially like my  fluffy prawn fritters. simply yummm!

The food :)

Hubby, enjoying his selection of stuffed terung and sweet sour chicken.

AND finally, as i was busy doing the groceries and was wondering where hubby was suddenly he came with a bunch of flowers for me :) merci beaucoup mon coeur for the flower gift made me smile from ear to ear :)

Besides this, we have another birthday present from above that just made my life more beautiful and enriched with happiness is  when we got these....

YES!! we are finally PREGNANT!! 
and this tops up all the birthday gift i had this year and more so i got my last year birthday wish realised and a prayer answered from the one above!

Big bisous to everyone and May God Bless us all!

À bientôt

Friday, 22 October 2010

Snapping my way to oblivion! - Rome Trip - Day 1

These pictures are bad actually coz they are actually taken from inside a moving car and hence the not so sharp photos and top of it all there is the mindow mirror effect on it that i didnt quite like so to mask this not so good looking pictures i decided to revamp all of them and HDR them to the max :)

Don't ask me where are these pictures are taken from coz i have no idea all i know is that it was taken during our first day in Rome when we jalan2 in the city and so i was just snapping away to oblivion :)

so here are the pics and hope you guys like it :)

 Big bisous!

À bientôt

Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Day 1 - Rome Trip - Arrival Day :)

Ok Day 1 of our Rome Trip!

We are lucky enough to get a deal flight + hotel + car rental all in one package and it was awesome although it a bit crowded in the begining with all our luggages and all but we manage :)
We had a Fiat Panda for the whole time during our vacation here in Rome Italy and of course with our ever so faithful GPS system that helps us to locate just about anywhere we wanted to go so that was a double bonus indeed :)

The pilot and the co pilot :) DH and John :)

And the two sisters round the back with all the luggages but it's ok it's just up to the ride to the hotel of course :)

Off we go! On Va Sortir!

I nearly miss to take pictures of road signs, i barely caught this one hehehe

all the way on the side of the road you can see the famous coquelicot fleur which is almost in all famous paintings in Italy :) well i guess now i know why  hhehe

after about 30 minutes or so we arrived to our Hotel which happens to be a brand new hotel  ( i loveeee new hotels) and its beautiful with the flower gardens and quiet in the evening and a wonderful spread of breakfast and wonderful service with the staff at the hotel and mostly we had a wonderful spacious rooms and especially for the newly weds :)

Millie and John posing in front of the Hotel

me and DH :)

on the side of the hotel

around the lobby they have this wonderful carvings of historical monuments placed on the walls which i find very beautiful indeed :)

The entrance door to the hotel

Even the lift is decorated with the carvings of the colleseum :)
The alley going to the basement car park

Millie posing with a Lavender patch just outside the hotel

The rose garden

Flowers are just everywhere in this hotel

and so was pollen heheheh
 DH was having an awful time fighting off pollen ellergies and thank god for his ellergies tablets he is all fine. Phew!

The modern style room and the toilet all brand new as this hotel just opened a few weeks back actually.

And after we have settled down in our hotel it's time to have our lunch and Mc D' it is :)
And so i took the opportunity to fish eyed these wedded bliss newly wed couples :)And here is where millie find out that eating in a Mc D' with a possibile mafia owner is not a good idea after all! so she vowed she will not go to that particular Mc D' again hahahahahah

ah well stay tuned and to be continued....
Big Bisous!

À bientôt