Thursday, 23 August 2007

Another part of my morning..going to work

Well, ekcelly..going to work is not that colourful if our dad is on the wheels coz he is quite the very good driver compared to my mom who drives like she is a Formula driver and the car suddenly a Ferrari. In fact, my Myvi is everyday a Ferrari to my mom ..but it'scool coz we have loud music in the car like we just dont care! mom is a very free spirited person who like rock musics very much and have the flare for speed so thts the eventful morning myself, my sister and mom was having when she's on her hot wheels ;)

Here are some pics depicting us having fun in the car with MY MOM included! hehehe

There's a Gothic girl with the purple hairdo round the back , then Mama Rock on the wheels and Clarity" who is blur on a clear day!

Clarity is not so clear today more blurry then ever..hahahah

Blurry me,

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