Thursday, 30 August 2007

In case you guys didnt know...

Ok... here's the guys know that i just don't drive right? But i have a car..but it doesn't have a driver. But i have a willing driver because...driving me around meand having the benefit of using MY CAR andjust got to do the basics which is drive me to my destination, then drop me off then come back later when im done. I have a few willing people that's willing to do that for me and one is my brother and another is my mom. so here is the DRIVER :) not drivers but just one driver my brother :)



danne@delphina said...

if go clubbing how?? haha.. bila la we can go clubbing this? ;p

I_ AM _ CLARITY ! said...

the question u ask me if go clubbing kah or bila lah mau pi clubbing? Kalu IF go clubbing mesti my dad yg tukang2 fetch me ..hahahha then the question of bila..ermn tukang organiser dia lah cakap bila then we just vroom to the club :) amacam?