Sunday, 29 August 2010

Just a note :)

Just finished all my April Happenings but still...theres more to come indeed :)
These are all the activities i have been enggaging myself with for the past three months and only now i have the time to pen down some stuffs.
It's good to be back again :)

Big Bisous!!

À bientôt

Fly me to Labuan but instead we took the ferry :)

The best thing about my trip to Labuan is that i get to meet up with my bestfriend and friends from our college years. It was an eventful journey starting off by car, then by ferry then by car again. it was a wonderful laughing and full of fun journey. 
I marked my journey with my bestfriend Diane with picture we took during our way to Labuan :)

Enjoy them pictures :)

By car....
By Ferry...
My favourite picture of both of us just shows our personality best which is we love laughing :))
And of course Christophe, our friend who claims he is from Ranau and also speaks very well french :)
the suprise get together meeting with another college mate from Uitm and that is Marcella M :) it was a delighful occasion as i've not seen her in ages and this was really a good idea to do cathing up indeed :)
Wonderful dinner  from Diane and her beloved family at their family favourite eat out place :)

 Me and diane's beloved family particularly Miss Darlyn :)Thank you all so very much for the most wonderful hospitality and sharing me your home with you! from the bottom of my heart thank you very much!!

 And a suprise meeting with another friend Ariffin and he is our travelling mate during our college years. wonderful suprise meeting indeed and looking forward to my next visit to Labuan again:)

Big bisous to all of you!

À bientôt

My highschool reunion for April 2010 :)

 Another reunion and another good food to eat another good opportunity to meet up with old classmates mingled, laughed and have fun!

I just wanna say that i had a wonderful time spent with all of you and hope that we can do it all again when 'm due back in KK next :)

Big bisous to all of you! :)
Friendship is golden!

À bientôt

Mom's KL adventure weekend in KL :)

 One of the highlights of my "Balik Kampung" trip was a suprise trip to KL for the weekend. My mom have not travel by plane for the longest of time so i took the opportunity to bring her to KL and just enjoy the weekend visiting her youngest sister which is happiness for her coz this sister really knows how to bring her to go and eat at special places. Anyhow we were in KL for shopping and also to run some errands for my sister who is getting married in May and so this is part of the preparation for her marriage. All in all we had a blast and hope to do it againin the near future :)

and finally...enjoy the pics :) 


Big bisous!!

À bientôt

The Jambus @3.9

Although theres only 3 out of the 9 members of  "The Jambus" it is still a wonderful gathering and i hope to have another round of this gathering again and hopefully it'll be 9.9 and so see you guys again in December!

À bientôt

Happy Birthday Nani....

and its my late grandma's garden back home in KK, her precious garden.
Happy birthday to you nenek mother, although it's been 9 years ago you left us, i still remember you just like it was yesterday......I will always remember you close in my heart Nani my beloved nenek I miss and love you forever I will! 

Je t'aime mon grand-mère....

À bientôt

Saturday, 28 August 2010

Beautiful trees in KK

 When i was back in KK last April i cant believe when i saw KK was so beautiful and i have this feeling that i'm somewhere overseas or more precisely in Japan hehehhe 
Just look at them trees! They are so gorgeous! To MPKK or whomever that is responsible to plant those trees gets a thumbs up from me coz i really thing is a great idea and really change the outlook of KK city centre tremendously!

I took these photos using just my camera photo but it is enough to capture the beautiful KK with the beautiful tress blooming :)
 the white ones...
The pink and white were planted alternately....they really bring out the romantic side of me and was thinking of Spring which reminds me of France just when i left for KK the fruit trees were all blooming just like this :) 
 ahhhh...beautiful sabah indeed :)

Big Bisous!!

À bientôt

Baby Dinan in Action again :)

A large part of my stay back in KK is usually around this little tiny curly tops!
 He has a way of curling into ones heart and make it all warm  and nice feeling...he have lots of tricks to make you gigle and laugh and with his sheepish smiles you cant get far by saying NO!
he is the little man in the house :) capable of twisting even the dragon in the house and especially the dragon in the house :)

here are some of the occasions or places that we were together spending quality time with this tiny curly top that only brings joy to everyone :)
Have fun viewing the photos :)
 This is when mom was trying to get rid of the broken luggage and was placing it outside for the garbage collector to come and pick it up but i guess our little tny top have other plans for it :))

And sitting outside and playing with aunty Yi yi's stuff is one of his favourite past time :)

This is when we took him to Mc D's and he had the whole playground to himself what a treat for him :)

One of our shopping trip at CP and he was playing with this animal revolving machine and running all over the place ran through everybody's feet  and it was definately an "ouch" moment indeed :)

 This is another shopping trip we made in Merdeka Shopping mall. We went into a kiddies shop where they sellm shoes and clothes for kids and my Nephew saw a shoe that was quite similar to his dad i think it was and demanding to wear it so the young lady at the store put it on him and he dissapeared and ran out to my mom and so i paid for the shoe and since then it's one of his favourite shoe or shall i say, running shoe hehehe:)

And here we have a baby in the basket ready to be sold at the market heheheh he is so small tht he could fit himself in this tiny basket....sooooo kawai indeed :))

Big Bisous!!

À bientôt

Thursday, 26 August 2010

The best part of April 2010

 Going back home to KK was a treat although i have some work to do helping out my sis as much as i can with her wedding preparation and all :) But anyhow, here are some of the higlights of my stay there in KK :)

 My dog Oberone that i havent seen for 6 months just was so wonderful to see him all well and healthy :)

 Oh btw, this is Oberone's friend  simply "The Cat" she was lazing around the house because..........she is so very pregnant :)

And my mom's and grandma's greeneries! i miss to look at them very much when i'm away...

and my favourite of all....

My darling Nephew Ferdinand!!
what a joy to be woken up every morning by this little tiny curly top and no matter how you pretend to sleep he will try very hard also to pry your eyes to open :) and jumping on aunty's air bed in the morning is a ritual for him :) très mignon ce petit garçon :)
 My sister burried him with all his soft toys and play peek a boo with us so so so so cute!

And then there were events through out the month of April that i get to higlight pictorially :)

Milly and John Big dinner day with the family :) Welcome to the family Jon Jon! :)

 the 1/4 meeting with the Jambus! there should have been more of the jambus but i guess we just have to make the reunion the big one next time then :)

The most awaited occasion of all my highschool classmates reunion! What a blast!

Our weekend shopping mission with mom and aunty Alys in KL it was a suprise trip but one of the most  mémorable one indeed :)

Finally another short trip to Labuan to visit my best buddy Diane & her ever so loving and beloved family.

Well i hope to update all this fabulous events individually in my blog later on but at the mean time enjoy them pics :)

Big Bisous!

À bientôt