Saturday, 18 August 2007

Thank you aggy !!!

Yesterday i got a small suprise from Aggy, she drop by the office and hand this beautiful earings to me. Im not the earing kinda person BUT this one is really cute and it matches with some of my clothes so today i wore a red tee and this cute and funky pink dangling earing with a butterfly motive on it. I love it! Looks really girly..but what the heck..i think i look cute! hahahaha (Angkat bakul sendiri kah that?? ) :)

Ok another shot of me and the earing ...i like it very very much didnt know i can wear girly stuffs like this but anyways..Aggy if u're any near reading this nonsense blog of mine...wanna say I miss you...huhuhu..and thank you so so so much for the means so much to me that u remembered me and us here. emmuahhh!!! Nanti i visit ur shop k ! ;)

dap tee dap tee dap!



aggy said...

Wuyooooo....look how gurly you are Cilla. Oooopppppsss..don't know u'r not into earing but anyway u still like it and furthermore its from me....heheheheh. God bless u. Adios.

I_ AM _ CLARITY ! said...

aggggyyy...(cry) sob sob! i misss youu :( i wear ur earings sampai baju tidak matching pun saya pakai jugak :( i sooooo like it..besides its pink and blue my two most favourite colour :) thank you so so so much!! aggy jom prominade first week of the month ;) miss you much..come backkkk! huhuhu