Monday, 30 June 2008

Sunday birthday gathering :)

Just wanna wish these special people in my life....

Daffie & Devy

on their birthdays 29th & 30th of June 2008
Happy birthdays to both of you!

Love always,
C & R

Dinner @ Beijing Steamboat Restaurant with the Family :)

we wanted to have dinner with the whole family before mon coeur fly off back to KL and so we chose Beijing Steamboat as the venue for our dinner gathering with the family and i can only get a few snaps from my camera as the bummer thingy ran out of battery :(

Anyhow, here are the pics :)

Table # 1
L-R: Aunty Minah, Cassophia(cousin), Uncle Siven, Daddy, Reno (bro), Clare (bro's fiance)
and finally mon coeur :)

Table # 1 again...

Table # 2
L-R: Milly (sis), Dewi (cousin), Elly (cousin), mom, Daffie (cousin) & shafiq (cousin)

The tukang-tukangs ( John and milly)

seen on this picture is part of mon coeur's hand wt the choppy sticks :)

The food :)
and the item pointed by the green arrow seemed to be mon coeur's fav hehehe

L-R: Minah (aunty) , Cassophia (cousin) siven (uncle)

the food closer look at it

L-R: Mon coeur, Uncle siven, Reno (Bro) & Eilly (cousin)

Eilly facinated wt the lobster hehehe :)

The lobsters at ur service :) yummmyyyy! hehhee

Yours truly,
C & R

Sunday, 29 June 2008

Balik Kampung - Part I

Its vacation time and myself and mon coeur are doing just that although im doing much of the vacation comparing to him :) Anyhow, we have deciided to go "Balik-kampung" to each others hometown within these two months so we split the time from going back to KK to visit my family first and the 2nd part of the vacation @ mon coeur's hometown back in Vandee, France. So its going to be very interesting two months with both of us travelling together and exploring the unexplored for both of us :)

so the first half of our vacation had already begun and first stop is Kota Kinabalu which is my hometown :)

We didnt do much during this visit coz we were on a tight schedule BUT its much more at ease as mon coeur was driving my car and so it was easier to go here and there without bothering my parents or my sibling to drive us around :)

I've always wanted to visit the orang utan sactuary @ the Rasa Ria Resort, Tuaran so thats exactly where we went on our jalan-jalan expedition together :)
and here are the pics ...

she's cute huh :)

C & R

here they are playing happily with each other :)

yours truly,
C & R

Thursday, 26 June 2008

Finally ...from the maple ducks!

Ok just a quickie from me , just gonna say a quick hello and goodbye as we going off for a short break to balik kampung :) Take care everyone and be safe!

quack quack from maple !

C & R

A Meeting with the Chief!

The chief have landed and we have arrange for a short dinner meet @ The ship!

The Shio Signature Plate :)

The Chief's food = Mini Steak

little chief's food = Bked fish in creamy white mushroom sauce :)

Here is the judge's food :) Ginger Beef hainanese style :p

Here is the judge :)

here are the two bandits known as big chief and little chief! Hahahaha

Our pleasure and entertainment for the night :)

all in all it was a good visit from the big chief at my nook of the world and made me miss home even more but its ok, i will be going back to KK very soon and that very soon is actually today hehehehe! oh by the way, this is actually a later post as chief came for a visit on the 20th June so this post is actually 6 days old :o)

oklah catch you guys later!

Jalan-jalan @ Mont Kiara

Well, i heard that theres a big flea market going on @ Mont Kiara every sunday so i went there with my other half to check it out. To mon coeur, its like going to work to come here on a weekend coz he works in this area so he is not too enthusiast about coming here as it's very much reminding him of work..hehehe BUT nevertheless....he still managed to bring me to Mont Kiara for they have some Live Musical Play presentation and so we get to see the kids and some adults show of their talents in singing and acting at the same time. They are coming from The Arts & Theatre School somewhere in KL and here are some shots of their musical theatre scences :)

The Kids Part

It was a marvelous performance and its fun to watch the kids really actually having fun performing

This lady sings really good she sounds like the sound track from Mulan :)

The adult part of the performance

combined the young and the not so young performance and speacial guest star apperance was Jit Murad i think his name was not sure actually hehehe

and finally our rumbling stomach leads us to the nearest eatery and that is Secret Recipe @ Mont Kiara :)

our lime and apple juice...yummmie :) and mon coeur :)

one Left foot and one right foot = Raycillient :)
my food was Rice and chicken with mushroom gravy

Mon coeur odered this Rice and chicken with Black Pepper sauce :)

All in all it was a great sunday jalan-jalan and also i get to buy me some stuffs like coooking boooks, earings and a small sunday dress :)

jalan-jalan always!

Wednesday, 25 June 2008

Dinning out @ Bubba Gump Shrimp Co., The curve

I was browsing thru the Malaysian Blogger list the other day and suddenly came acros to one Jackson Kah. He was making a review of the Bubba Gump Shrimp Co. @ The Curve. So i decided that i will rate the place ourselves so off we go to The Curve and had our Dinner date @ Bubba's.

The Entrance to "The Curve"

Here's Bubba Gump Shrimp Co. :)

Random pictures of us both taken by the ever so friendly waiter and he is from the philipines and it was good fun as they will entertain you with some trivia questions about the the movie "Forest Gump" and he will also sing for you upon request and so it was a jolly good time waiting. We are also served with some cookies which is also nice :)

a few other random shots of us also taken by the waiter;

here are some of the shots taken at the restaurants with the pictures or memorabilia of the movie " Forest Gump" and i especially like the one that says...


Our food, homemade fries, fish in shrimp sauce and baked salmon in the skillet with asparagus :)

It was a wonderful experience to dine here with good entertaining waiters and food was not too bad either :) It'll be good fun to bring kids to dine in this restaurant as they have plenty of things to feast their eyes on.

chill out guys!
C & R

L' Opera

We had our weekly dinning out at L'Opera, @ Bukit Bintang Walk and it was a good place to eat the wine was alright and the food was yummiest although my pasta the portion was huge and mon coeur had to help me finish them hehehe as usual :) and our waiter was really nice he was quite attentive and very much polite so a plus to the Waiter @ L' Opera!

The Restaurant, i took this pic from the outside where we had our dinner over at the open air area where you can see lots of people passing by at the famous Bintang Walk

L'Opera Napkins :)

Here is their signature plate :)

satisfied patrons :)

Our wine for the evening, Italian Red wine

closer look @ the wine :)

This what mon coeur had i think its Baked fish in white sauce and white wine

And...this is my huge plate of Pasta and ravioli :)

The happy and satisfied patrons again @ L' Opera :)

We would definately dine again @ L' Opera and would definately recommend others to go and check the place out :)

C & R