Sunday, 4 April 2010

April come and April go....

April come and April go....

It seems like yesterday when I flew from Angola then proceed to land in France and continue my journey again to Malaysia. So many things happened and going places here and there , catching up with friends and relatives here and there and also the biggest part of all the preparation of my sister's wedding. Was a wonderful roller coaster ride but was quite a dizzy one after all that moments went by too fast and all is left are just memories on video and photographs. But for sure one that will always be remembered and cherished! 

Severin turns 8! 04.04.2010

The outing to Nantes Central wit everyone and it was really cold and all i have was an open toe sandal...blrrrrrr indeed :)

and then the next day, i jump on a train

Calling mon coeur to tell him im on my way to CDG airport

almost there....

and about16 hours later.....i was already looking at the shores of Sabah!

À bientôt