Wednesday, 30 April 2008

I've arrived :)

well.... i finlly arrived to my destination so here is the first picture i took when i look outside my window :)

Love always,

Sunday, 27 April 2008

Luncheon with the Jambus - 26th April 2008

Our "The Jambus" Luncheon @ The Ole Station- Kopitiam
City Mall, kota Kinabalu

also...happen to be my last luncheon gath with the Jambus :((

Here is Aggy with doter Isabbelle and she's our youngest Jambu gal! :) Just like her mummy :))

Chicky Egg is trying to hide her laughter i think...heheh or otherwise she's hungry hahahah :))

Morientez & Clarity :)

One for the "Jambus" group photo Collection :)

And not forgetting our ever so famous..feeties shot! we are not jambus if we do not parade our shoes :) and looks like our youngest Jambu is picking up on the tradition ! good job :)

My final snap! the all in one camera-in-the air- shot! Everyone is in the square so i reckon this as good as any of my other pictures :)

Anyhooo....thanks Jambus for making a memorable moment for me to spend the final luncheon with you guys. Will always try to make it to any big events hosted by the Jambus thats for sure as im forever a Jambu clan!

Best Regards to all Jambu members and love you all much!!
Yours truly,

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My Farewell Party @ home with my sugar babes :)

The food spread

The all around the world food ..hehehe

Sugar babes shot # 1

Sugar baes shot #2

My chatting session with the babies ...we were discussing about how sweet the cake was :)

Smileys... :)

This one is a wonderful shot taken by Big Daddy @ Nash :) good one :)

To get this picture taken...mewot has to take extra measures as to trick Nadiyah to look at the swiveling LCD screen of the camera and when she look at herself at the screen she smiled and thats when Mewot click the shutter button..clever girl, have to deal cleverly by another clever gal heheheh :)

I like this picture also coz Mewot dont smile much so this is one forced one i think hahaha..but anyhow..she was collecting baby shots all night...hmn...maybe her motherly instinct finally coming out of the closet! hahahaha!

This is my favourite picture of natural and mind you...this is Uncle Bubu and his niece Nadiyah ...i was thinking about it and realised about the pangkat of this two in the family tree cool is that :)

So all in all..wanna thank all my aunts and uncles who made it possible for me to have the party at home bringing them beautiful and yummy food as well thank you very much and no worries i will still be back not going too far just an air asia away hahhah :)

Thank you everyone and especially goes to my mom and dad and my siblings, for making it possible for me to have this party going especially to my mom, love you very much and i promise to look after myself well when im there.....but right now i need help with packing!!! hahahah!

Over and Out!

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Turn back the clock..To Ms. Danne's Farewell :) - 4th April 2008

fresh lagi nie....wait till you see the end...hehehe

Ok mamam time see semua mouth pun busy mucnhing about :)

More munching scenes...

drinking scenes....

sembang scene

Picture session begins....

The Toast of good luck for our dearest ms. danne :) all the best from all of us ;)

then the tipsy side effect begins....

at the same time...present opening with lots of butterflies as well as card reading :)

The troope!

Just for kicks...hehehe

Ok now we are talking about red faces and juling eyes...hahaha kidding :) good luck sweetheart and i know you will be ok and good things surely come ur way which it did ;)

Love always,

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Saturday, 26 April 2008

MY last farewell...from work :) Thank you everyone!!

The Food - Putera Nelayan - Beijing

The only pic of John of the night :(

Morientez and me...will always remember you and what we tell each other every day ..hehehe SKYPE moientez! skype is there to sambung our life together...phew!

Chicky inpiration for any cooking stuffs and also the only person that can call me idiot or stupid! hahaha SIAL!! and also my "no-driving-licence" partner :) and also in the future "CIL" ;) Keep up the rumput eating session :)

The LOUD gang !! hahahaha Consultancy Dept :P

The loudest and the quietest is sitting in the same table and not forgetting...the "Genius" in the middle...(yeah right! ) :P

MY Mummy dearest..the most sweetest person @ work and i have been calling her mummy ever since heck im not sure when but i do know that she makes me feel so cared when things get tougher and she have always lend her shoulder and advice to me from day 1 and i cant say enough thanks for being the friend and the most loving person that you. Thank you mummy dearest and i hope we will always keep in touch with one another coz we are important people so we stick together :) Love you always mummy dearest :)

The old and the newest. Well certainly the oldest and teh most caring person in the world is the one that i have held in my heart ever since i was born..uncle dearest thank you for being there for me and always looking out for me eventhough im as old as ever but somehow you still care for me like you have since i was a baby :) muahhhh! to you and im sure be knocking on your doorstep when i have something to to share :)

As for the new kid in the block...well what can i say Leprechan...ur funny wityy ways will surely bring you a far...maybe perhaps to the ends of one fine rainbow's end and you might just find the pot of gold i have been securely hide all this while ;) so Leprechan hang in there and thanks for being such a lovely funny guy at work and cheering us all on our gloomy and darken days :) Merci Beauchoup papillion :)

Ok here goes our last camera on air picture :( huhuhu..guess im going to miss this a lot...when im there ermnn....who else i can do this kind of thing sadddddddd!! :((

Chicky and the egg...well...she is one of a kind person and i still cannot forget her first swear word to me that made my ears felt like they are burning but wanting to laugh at the same time coz such a tiny tot but backed with a very nasty fire of a tongue...hahahah! SIAL ...she taught me to use that word in the public....and next was Tai Tingau or Tasu! hahahah ChickyEgg ni bu wang wo ok :(( wo ta nie if ni wang wo :)) hahaha

Ms. danne...this remarkable person is the epitome of cuteness and everything to do with fine photography for we both share the same hobby which is photography and digital cameras. Im gonna miss our "road to trepidation" when we both spent time walking and jogging and just chit-chating until our mouth yg become sexy instead of our body hahaha..those were the days..but those were the days that i will never trade for anythign hope we friendhip wil alway stay fresh for always...eventhough we are far and away...we still have our blogs to still get connected so...we are good to go :) besides that...thank you also for being there for me all this while and all the best to you in your new working environment as well job! NO stress bah! hehehe

Morientes.....what can i say about this remarkable and ever lasting beauty of this speacial person...she is the epitome of beauty, her figure is to die for and above all her age just simply defies the years and her strong will and positive thinking is to be reckon for for she said it and meant it and you can always count on her to have a perfectly good fashion make over hahaah!! i know all this years she's seen me in awful clothes and thanks to her im more cultured in the way i dressed now still need more help in this department but will do for now right moreen ;) at least we are not copycats like who we know is a trend these days im told (puke) ok back to my praises about this person named Morientez..she's just a wonderful and beautiful person inside and out and thts our you always and me hope we keep intouch always and i will visit you whenever , whenever ...and...look after my bam bam and little abner kio ;)

My gals in the hood :) Well we three have our own thing with our own camera and we like chating about mundane things that after a while is not so mundane more simulator room for discussion, no more manja2 lah this :( so sad.... im gonna miss you guys berry much :((

Okies heres a KFC fingger lickin good combo :) a bit of the older and the middle ones and the new version. I of course is the oldest in this lot and ms. danne being the middle one and and kissmet being the slightly older then new one and the newest buzz..Evi :) All this makes up for Digital+camera+possies+narcersist (however u spell it) and this bug is contagious indeed BEWARE and BE AWARE!! hahahaha

So many apples here...just pick your flavour ! ;)

L-R: Bottom : Spunky Juney, Mummy Flav, ms. D
L-R Top: Morientez, Clarity, ms. Danne, Chicky Egg and finally Pretty kissmet
Absentees: Aggy, maggie, lil black dots, BeautyAlice and Mamasan :)

MY boys : L-R: Bee-Awak, Clarity, Philanthropist, Leprachan
Absentees : Ham-Dean, Yamuqhi, Joseph, Johan, Amat, Chris, Joumin, Elian, John and OxyMorone @Gary Miri :)

Thanks for all teh support and funny times at the operation department ..have a ball with you guys and thanks for all your support to me all this while. I'm so thankful to have teh opportunity to work and having all of you as my dear friends. All the best to all of you!

To my dearest Uncle and boss..thanks for bringing me to life! and thanks for shaping me to be the person that i am today and supporting me in everything i do and believe in. Above all thank you for being the best uncle ever! Love you very much! emmuahhhhh!

ML: thank you for all your support..although we went through some ups and down with our friendship but in the name soccer we stick being enemies! hahahah You are a nice guy and im thankful to have known such a friend as you. Anyhow..all the best and May Arsenal rule!! yeahhhh!!! :P

MC: Thanks for being a supporting Boss even if its just for a short while but i know you will go far in your carrer and it was nice working and knowing you. Regards to your beautiful children and keep up the good work and hope your good luck of being a "genius" will stay on always..hahah good luck mate! ;)

See this lot...well we are a happy bunch. Can't you tell? just look at our face :) hahahah

since we are both leaving the company i guess i should then say farewell to you too and best of luck to you @ your new place and most of all...hope we will always stay in touch :)

I didnt have the chance to spend more time with you but for what i know in the last week we were buddies and i hope you will have a good life and job and happy all the time because ur a very smart girl and for sure you will go far in life. All the best to you Evi!!And thanks for beign my friend :)

My own personal Leprechaun :) Neil you have a way of putting smiles to peoples face and im thankful to have you as a friend and always there to give cheers to everyone :) one day Neil, One day you will get your pot of gold..even if it takes a sell more chivas i think :)) hehehe kotohuadan! many things to say but to sum up everything about our friendship is just speechless. Its just invigoratingly , plutonic and its always injecting out hot lava hehehe..but anyhow, you have been someone who taight me a lot about sticking up to what you believe in and thank you very much and i can never forget those delicious bread you used to buy for me...its the yummiest! thank you much mamasan! i appreciated all of it!

This is just to remind you that i miss you ordy..thats why i post this picture coz its our ever so famous "camera-in-the-Air" shot! how can i do that now?? i want to cryyyyy :(((

Met you in UItM ages ago and we met again at work and we part again ...but our friendship deepen and all those chit chats we had is definately definately a keeper! remember..if you see ms. jaded..tell her i need her to write me a book about all those rounchy experiences she talks a lot do tell her that ok Ms. Dee :) and send my regards to her too :)

Oh yes..adn this shot is for ms. danne...mind you me and ms. D took the effforts of taking pics after pics to perfect this kissy kiss skill you seemed to have a knack of doing so here is our own version and this is definately for you ms danne :)) muahhhhhhhhhhhh! from Ms C & D :)

Women in Black. Two of my darling!! i wanna cryyyyyy!! huhuhu i'm going to miss you guysss soo muchh! so dont forget to get online 24/7 ok :) emmuahh!

My dearest Pretty Kissmet...remember our shared conversations about these questions? well here is a summary of what should help answer our questions about LOVE :)

How do you fall in love
When do you say I do?
When is the perfect Time , to spend the rest of your life
seasons may come and go, they'll be highs and lows
So only you would know...
never know just where it would find you
coz it can come on so fast, seemed like it takes forever
when you want it so bad,
but dont ever take it for granted
it probably needs sun and water = time
so gave it what it needs
thats how you fall in love
thats when you say i do
thats when you know its time
to spend the rest of your life
So, only you would know :)

Just me doing my favourite "camera in -the air" shot :) and also the opportunity to wish absentees such as Jenny, Villine , Chorwai and Renu my thanks and gratitude for all the years we've worked together! thank you everyone!

Signing off from Kasi ....but before Rhiana sings..."please dont stop the music"
well hope we all still keep in touch and updates on each others life and "please don't stop our Friendship"!! take care people and good luck!

Love always,
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