Sunday, 31 January 2010

DAY 31 - Having a quiet weekend

This weekend was a beautiful and lazy one for both of us as we glide through the weekend with nothing much else to do but relax.

Mon coeur had a very busy week this week and so the more reason to you chill out and relax at the comfort of our own home and just enjoyed the quiet weekend :)

Here is a picture of us watching the the Cup Of Nation Finals between Ghana and Eqypte while sipping our hot beverages and petit madeline :)

And here is a fun picture of us doing nothing heheheh :)
Hope everyone had a wonderful Lazy weekend and exciting week ahead :)

À bientôt

Saturday, 30 January 2010

DAY 30 - Luanda by night

Luanda seemed like a different place at night and here are some pictures to explain that.

The view from the back of our building
My ever so party-all-night-and-morning neighbour

The street where the hawkers dwell

here is the moon, and it's time to say goodnight and see you guys tomorrow :)

À bientôt

Friday, 29 January 2010

DAY 29 - Happy birthday wish to my dear friend :)

Dolly & me

Today is my old time buddy Dolly's Birthday and i remembered when we were in our teens i used to received presents and cards from her on my birthday and she even drove his parents car to go and visit me at my home on my birthday and gave me my present and card...those were the days and even now when we are at our prime "young" age we still remember each other as always particularly on this day which happens to be Dolly's birthday :)

So, from far i still managed to steal a few moments with my buddy and wish her Happy Birthday on the phone which is a blast, coz i rarely got the chance to do so but this time is just that!

Happy birthday my dearest darling Dolly and many happy returns to you and hope you had a wonderful and blessed day on your special day with your loved ones!

Hugs and kisses from me until we see each other soon in KK!

À bientôt

Thursday, 28 January 2010

DAY 28 - Baby-sitting the salads :)

Since hubby is not around for a few days and his salad pods needs their nutirents and their regular water supply so i have to be the salad keeper for my hubby for the time being and do some digital gardening for him :)

And when he get's back, it will be harvesting time again :) Look at how fast and big they are now. I had to change the height level for the light bulb to another notch coz they are growing pretty quickly and taller now :) They are approximately 4 weeks old now.

À bientôt

Wednesday, 27 January 2010

DAY 27 - I want to work in this office :)

Today i wanted so much to find something that i can chuckle and laugh out loud and i finally got the video!

You guys out there who is working hard in the office, you guys just got to watch this moment of craziness in the office i personally would love to work in this office myself they are so hilarious and fun!

Have a fun time chuckling watching this video peeps :) I know you guys would agree with me :)

À bientôt

Tuesday, 26 January 2010

DAY 26 - Just another colourful Luanda :)

I like that people in Angola they are not afraid of adding colours to their way of living and certainly , the more colours you have the more contrast you are to the rest of the people who are just wearing grey, white, black or just plain stripes! And this also means business will be good when people see colours and surely you will stand out from the rest and you will get more people to buy from you :)

This is the socks seller man, he usually hangs about closeby my street to sell socks, multy coloured socks and to show how commited he i s to his business he wears them socks too with his japanese sleepers :) he is quite an amusing chap! He's got all the rainbow colours on him and surely he have all the colours for the socks he is selling too :)

And this lady tops it all. She was carrying those mineral bottles on her head and wearing an Angolan flag dress! She certainly get noticed this time!
Reminds me of Sudirman who wore a malaysian flag inspired suit during his performance. same concept but different purpose :)

Ah well, seeing all these colours and characters just made me smile and thinking they are beautiful all of them :)

À bientôt

Monday, 25 January 2010

DAY 25 - hmn.....

As much as it hurts for me to see these kids selling kiddie bags on the streets like this, but i guess they have to do it in order to make some money for food...sighs*

À bientôt

Sunday, 24 January 2010

DAY 24 - Just glad it's the weekend :)

And....Angola lost to Ghana in the quater final game and suddenly it was dead quiet in the street....this is just music to my ears :)

Too bad for the Angolan soccer team, would have boosted their spirits much more if they would have qualified for the finals but...tough luck!

À bientôt

Saturday, 23 January 2010

DAY 23 - 1st Dinner Outing in Luanda for 2010

Tonight is our first time going out for dinner in Luanda for 2010. Mon coeur decided to take me to Ilha de Luanda in a place called Playa de Coconut. It was nice outing and just chill out in the open space by the beach while having our dinner and some live band playing in the background.

It was a good 30 minutes journey from Luanda City to go to Ilha de Luanda and since we left early there were no traffic jam, another plus :)

Here is the business card of the Establishment we went to :)

Happy as can be, on our way to have our dinner :)

I just got to take this picture, it's a must!

And this one too :)

And the playa...all the way to Coconut

Wind surfing, reminds me of Beauvoir :)

Our opening drink, Cocktail de Fruitas which was delish!

Sun setting :)

Mon coeur's food was called, "Lombos Cherne com banana and fruitas de marakuja".
Translation in English simply, Fish with banana and passion fruit fusion.

As for me, i was dying to have some prawns so i ordered this dish called "Caril Gambas"
Which translated to English, just means, Curry Prawns with white rice.
Yummylicious indeed, enough to satisfy my Indian tongue :))

And as for dessert we had "Mousse Maracuja" or in English simply Passion Fruit Mousse.

We had vin blanc that night because both of us were having seafood and mon coeur chose an italian vin which is "Terre dei Grifi"

And finally, our picture together to remember this night @ playa de Coconut.

And finally the bill....It sure marks Luanda as the No.1 most expensive country in the world for this kind of dining bill. Ah i say before, beggars can't be choosers i supposed....

Happy weekend and happy week ahead everyone!

À bientôt

Friday, 22 January 2010

DAY 22 - It's Friday Night :)

chilling out time with my ♥ @ home :)

Happy Weekend everyone! :)

À bientôt

Thursday, 21 January 2010

DAY 21 - Salad Harvest Day :)

Today is the moment my husband had been waiting for for our salad pods are now 3 weeks old and is ready for some harvesting :)

Looking for the best one for the cutting

Smilling while doing the cuttings :) One Happy Digital Farmer he is :) --->

snap! snap! snap!

This how you do it the "Digital Farmer" says :)
so cute :)

From this... To this.... To that!

Finally, the assembled Salad verte :)

And And And, the Happiest Digital Farmer with his yummylicious salad verte:)
And the verdict from the digital farmer....

"wonderful gadget and worth all the time waiting for it to mature and now eating the harvest and feels great and the salad taste wonderfully sweet too"

And next on the list would be a three pods aero for growing our own herbs! yahooo :)

À bientôt