Sunday, 26 April 2009

My new gadget encore!!

hmnnnnn.....talking about gadgets this year i think im blessed with good tidings from a very delightful "Gadget Fairy" for i have many gadgets that i have been dreaming of having and finally got them hehhehe :)

my very own tiny candy mesin jahit or sewing machine or machine à coudre :)

its a wonderful gadget indeed for now biarlah just jadik perhiasan jah dibilik for now lah hehehe :) merci beaucoup maman et papa et mon coeur aussi :)

bah, aku pi belajar dulu macam mana mau guna ni barang nih heheh wish me luck :))

À bientôt!


Saturday, 25 April 2009

Just a quick post :)

Finally i got my wifi-cum-Phone :) I introduce to you my new Sony Ericsson G900 :))
Now i also can action2 with hubby coz now i also got wifi on my phone and his Nokia E71 is priced much more expensive then my G900. Besides, when it comes to always going to be a sony ercsson fan so very the setia one hehehe :) Anyhow here is my new baby :)

oh by the way im back in france now after spending 1 whole month back in KK. Will do catch up on my blog very soon :)

A bientot everyone!!