Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Had a wonderful day :)

Spent the early part of the day at the Hospital doing some tests and after that i had the whole afternoon to myself so i decided to go to Mirdif City Centre Mall and hang out at the Borders bookstore and  seat myself at one of it's comfortable chairs and started to explore the magazines and books available. I was having a ball and i ended up buying a very good book about baby routine and stuffs just part of my welcoming baby preparation :)

Relaxed and contented that i finally got a book :)

 Then i heard my stomach growling so i head up to the costas cafe and got me a nice comfy seat and a carrot cake and a yummylicious chocolate drink :) and start to read my new found book again :)

 My chocolata drink :)

My favourite Carrot cake :) This particular cake reminded me of my mom as we used to hang out back home in Wisma Merdeka and have our lunch and our dessert will always be carrot cake its our favourite cake indeed :) 

Then later that evening guess who came looking for his wife heheh :)
Hubby joined me later that evening as we got a date to meet up at Decathlon to get us some sports gear  and at 7pm sharp, he was already there waiting :)

We continued our date that evening for some light dinner at the food court which was a huge outlet and not may people around coz it was a weekday so we had a sort of a nice quiet evening  there :)

Hubby taking this pic of me trying to figure out what to eat and finally......

 we both settled for  Japanese cuisine that night :)

The huge empty food court...Blisssss!

Another angle of the food court

Another last look of the Mirdif City Centre shopping mall.

Until our next post, Cherioooo!

À bientôt

Monday, 11 April 2011

My 2nd Darling Nephew! Baby Sakuragi!

Just wanted to shout out my congratulations to my dearest lil sister and hubby for their new bundle of Joy and can't hardly wait to see baby Sakuragi! 

À bientôt

Sunday, 10 April 2011

Sightseeing, Safa Park and the Flea Market :)

It's the Saturday or end of the weekend here and so we thought we do some sightseeing, and also a visit to the Flea Market that happens to be at the Safa park so we took the opportunity to explore the park and go to the flea market at the same time.

Starting of here are some awesome building architecture here in Dubai that you can imagine them architects having fun creating their masterpiece here and you can see also that it seems that the designs are really bizarre and unique and i must say i think these guys just have the sky as their limits really :)

I love these camel by the road side it looks so colourful and bright that it never fails to make me smile when we drove pass it :)

Along Wafi Shopping Mall

Just look at them skyscraper

Dubai Busines Bay Area

Mon coeur at the Gate 2 Safa park

The location map of the huge Safa Park and that we just found out that we need to get to Gate 5 thank god there is a little train that you pay 2 Dh to take you from one gate to another.


Beautiful Park indeed :)

Children's play ground

More flowers :)

Sitting on the grass waiting for the little train to take us to gate 5

On the way....

The view from the little train

greens :)

beautiful landscape with the skyscraper at the background

Finally we reach the Flea Market @ Gate 5
It opens from 8am till 3pm i think but the little train is only open til 2pm

The huge crowd
 and we ended up just window shopping and suddenly founf ourselves hungry and head to a small eatery within the park called Malik Burger to have our lunch

While we had our lunch a group of little japanese girls from a nearby Japanese school presented us with their Oragami paperwork and in return we donated some change we had for the air of the Japan recent Tsunami Aid fund drive.

And here are the Japanese Origami selling girls :)

After lunch we went for a short walk and decided to find some shade to have a rest under this huge tree for a little siesta :)


And so we found our shade and here is where we crash for a bit of chillaxing :)

With the help from Mr tree we managed to get this picture taken :)

Look...who is zzzzzzzzzzzzing :))

snap! snap! :)

ok finally he awakes for this snap :)

so we head back to continue the day for apartment hunting :)

More tall buildings

ah...the famous talest building the Burj al Khalifah

Ad finally the Metro station...dont you think it look like a space ship or something?

Until our next post, Cherioooo!

À bientôt

April Fools Day Dinner hangout :)

It was April Fools night and so we decided to head out to town and get us some delicious meal with some wonderful company :)
My good buddy Calvine whom i met when we were in Angola is living in Dubai too and so it's a way of us celebrating our continued friendship from Angola to Dubai and it exciting indeed :)

The place that we went to have our dinner is actually a Belge Pub and the Cafe there serves yummylicious food and so here are some pictures of us enjoying our food and the guys enjoying their well deserving Beer after they have been deprived of it for a while heheheh

Me and Calvine :)

And another shot of me and Calvine again :)


Daniel showing off his 50cl x2 beer happily heheheheh

My dinner...yummmy

mon coeur's dinner

Mine again :)

Daniel's dinner

and Calvine's dinner :)

And to end this fantastic night with a quick snap of us :)

Until our next post!

À bientôt