Tuesday, 21 August 2007

Road to trepidation

The quest begins...

ok..today's work out was nice ..myself and Ms Danne did what we need to do and its indeed a road to trepidation! It's a dread but somebody got to do it...even if it means kicking our on ass to the ground and just get on with it. The first few days is gonna be hard and after a few more days it will be less hurting and less grueling. Thats what we told ourselves to get our hopes up and just do it! Are we doing alright here Ms Danne? i sure hope so ;)

Here are some pictures of our so called "Road to trepidation"

<--- Definately before our grueling exercise begins and look ..all smiles indeed ..hehehe


dying, but smiling :)

Ms Danne--->

After the run here are some of the after shots!

Stretching, taking in fresh air and all smiles!

Over and out!


Jurra said...

Fit la nie si cilla nie! Jelez I! Diam2 ada blog aah! heheheh...
Bah.. keep up the good work-out..

I_ AM _ CLARITY ! said...

Bukan diam2 ada blog..baru jah mau start kunun ..hahahah..jeles bah tinguk kau punya blog best boleh tengok baby Maya growing by the minutes :)