Sunday, 11 January 2009

changing time and changing moments and so will be my blog!

Dear Friends,

I havent much time these days for blogging but i will surely be having lots of time to play catch up in my blog once im settled down to our new location which i will reveal soon enough so stay tuned and also so much been going for the lasr 2 months that it felt like a hurricane just came and hit us and left with flower petals everywhere hehehehe.... i have a lot of life adjustments to do but nothing that is impossible for me to manage i think but with patience and will im sure i'll be alright to face the unknown out there it will certainly be an adventure for me and hubby to be placed in unfamilar place nd get on with our married life there. Ah well, just as the New Year just at its first bud sprouting out it will be the same for marriage life for me and Ray and so we hope to colour the world we live on with plenty of colours and much guts and strenght and fun to bring us forward through out the whole year for a better life together.

So many things to look forward to in our callendar this year and many major occasions to look forward to especially during summer time and before that i have one major expedition with my sister to explore Europe together backpacker style hehehe....i must say im very much looking forward to this as i have dreamed of doing this all my life and what better most to do it with your own sister heheheh. It'll be interesting to know how many pictures we both can collect during this adventure and most of all the wonderful time we will have meeting people. Ah well these are just some of the things im looking forward to do this year.

ah well, seems like i need a new blog skin going to design a few so if you guys see some changes every now and then within this month then dont be suprise as im trying to decorate this blog for it to match with my lifestyle right now so bare with me as i gather more details for the decorations and stocking up on pictures to blog about on here.

So stay tuned folks and see you guys later and have a good janury and winter in some parts of the world and summer in sme parts!

Cherrio peeps!
Love always,
January 2009 speech :)