Saturday, 18 August 2007

Nothing to write about...just bare with me

Hi all...

I finally got me a blog that I'm supposed to have a jolly good time writing about anything i like to write about ..was so so so so excited about it that i actually cant wait to get on with the writing. Thanks to cheeky egg who patiently help me go through this maze of layouts and settings and pictures and posts..and finally i arrived to this stage..which is the writing part. But....unfortunately..i just don't know where to begin. ha! ha!ha

I have all this maze in my head now... should i be talking a
bout my favourite subject which is men ...or....mundane stuffs like food which is also one of my favourite...then again talking about pictures is fun too..then theres the events then theres the music or song review or book reviews! Gosh! so many things! Deniseeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!! This is all cheeky egg's fault! i was so excited with my new blog that i am speechless now?? Now how did i get caught in this maze...heck i have no idea. But then at least I'm writing something...and I'm sure cheeky egg, ms dane and blots or something is screaming right now coz I'm wasting their bloody time. No let me correct that ..wasting everyones time reading this! hahahaha...but i still wanna write..even if its nonsense.

Ok let me see if i can write more boring stuffs here....ermn...yeah...oh..umnn..huh? I'm still writing? I'm looking for the full stop button...Deniseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! ni bu
hao arr :(( somebody help!!!! hehehehe ...just wanna say welcome to u guys and have a pleasant time reading nonsense :))



P/s..ok i add a picture like denise taugh me how to do it .....right denise ;)

<---- this cat picture is for denise coz i am like this in the morning if i don't have my coffee hahahaa
ha! :)

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