Sunday, 7 October 2007

Spring Cleaning! Out with the old ...In with the new :)

Well since im not doing anything much this weekend i've decided to clear out my room...well at least a smaller portion of my room only :) Even this part of the smaller portion is a bit ridiculously difficult to clear seemed like i have to throw away a lot of unwanted things...i've also found a lot of old memories like photos of EX and stuffs that reminded of the EX so well its all inside the dustbin now where it belongs :) Such a relieve indeed! Out with the old in with the new...yeah i feel good now :)

In the midst of clearing out the unwanted memories of yesteryears I also found something soo soo sooo precious to me that i will keep for as long as i live i should say...and thats a hand knitted sweater or a shawl made by grandma long long time ago when i was about 5 to 8 years old. She made a few for me and my sister and this is one of them! im so glad it lasted this long and i think i will pass it down to my children when the time comes :) This is another one of my treasured item in my life and will bring it where ever i go. Love you grandma!
This is the sweater i wore when i was about 8 years old and that wonderful lady beside me is my beloved grandma!

I also found my long lost 3.5 inch shoes which i thought was lost and gone forever....then when i open one of those shoe boxes..there it is so I'm ecstatically happy bout that now and cant hardly wait to wear it tomorrow. As im writing this i still have heaps to of things to do but because i found my shoe just then i cant keep quiet and i need to write about now :)
here are the two items i found today while doing my spring cleaning :)

Ok let me get on wt my Spring cleaning now..who knows i mght find more and more treasures now hehehehe....have a wonderful weekend everyone!!

Spring! spring! spring Cleaning!


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