Sunday, 14 October 2007

The Great Pretenders?

Why do people pretend?

You talk with people and they seem to be so sincere. Then you discover that their intentions were far from being sincere or truthful. Why do people pretend they are just an ear, a shoulder, a friend, and a lover or some sort or just about anything when it's not the case at all? Why do people pretend they don't just want to score sex....when that is just what it is? Of worse still why do we need to change ourselves in order to please others? Why cant people just take us just as we are and make corrections on their side to suit situations and not judge people and make people feel uncomfortable and stupid!

So why do people pretend? Why do they pretend like someone when they really don't? Or pretend to be someone they really aren't? Better yet why do people pretend they want nothing from you when really they do? Why do they pretend everything is your entire fault when they know it's not?

Spit and spite it up front...stop hiding...stop pretending & stop being a hypocrite!! And most of all, just be yourself coz the truth will catch up with you sooner or later! So buckle up and stop that silly kissing up ass routine coz it's really boring and I'm tired of hearing it! So socked it up!

Ordinary letting out day!



ms_danne said...

Hmm.. u refring someone in particular? Hmm.. I wonder who? ;P

I_ AM _ CLARITY ! said...

ermnn..i just wish yg terasa that can read this so that faham lah jgak what people are trying to imply but then again i dont like to beat behind the bush just hope things will improve thats all im wishing for :)

Actually lama already i wrote this but until now baru terkeluar semua hahahhhah :) was on draft mode before this so now barulah terkeluar :)

Anonymous said...

Siapa makan cili,
Dialah yang terasa pedas..
Kalau rasa manis tu lain sudah lah..


Anonymous said...

Alamak! Napa ramai2 pulak yang keluar ni?!