Tuesday, 23 October 2007

Not Feeling too well...

I have been since last saturday been very very sickly. Having to suffer bouts of fever, sore throat, elergies and the lot. Gosh, im just wondering when are things gonna lighten up a bit!. Its not nice being sick and i for one should know it much better BUT the good thing about it si that we get to have "sick-Leave" and we get to rest at home and just do nothing but rest.

As for me the two day sick leave tht i had was fully utilised by resting. I was sleeping on most part of it and i was listening to yahoo radio with all the soft and easy listening music really worth listening too and suit the mood that i was having when im not feeling well. But im loving very minute of it.

Most part of today rest day for me is spent at work and my beloved Uncle got me a lift to the doctor and later he treat me for some yummy light lunch just next to the clinic we both went to. SO thank you very much uncle siven dearest (hugs&kiss)

Then the better part of my day is spent @ home. Although i was feeling a bit groggy wt the medicines and all i lok outside and the weather was fine and not too hot outside so what i did is tht i made myself comfy on the lazy chair and did my blogging from there. It was wonderful! Peaceful listening to our bird chirping and the sound of water cascading from our pond nearby is all i need to get my spirit up to get well. Adter a while outside i felt sleepy so i took a nap out there hahaah...it's the first for me but its nice ..kinda like sleeping on a hammock very therapeutic indeed :)

Anyhow....here are the pictures of me sitting outside the porch ;)

here is me and my not so well looking face and my cute kipas :)

so its back to work tomorrow not looking forward to it but most important of al i hope i feel much better is all i can hope for!

happy blogging everyone!


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ms_danne said...

Get well soon darling cilla!! ;)