Thursday, 11 October 2007

Baby cute :)

Recently i have time to go browsing on other people's blog and i came accross them cute baby hedgehog :) i've seen Echidnas back in aussieland before but i've never seen baby hedgehog before so here is a piture of it i got off from this blogger's photo blog ---->
So credits of this picture is to him :)


I bet you guys are squirming in ur seats right now looking at these cute babies :)

Clarity me !

P/s ....Based on one and only commentor of this post i get to correct this post where its actually not a baby echidna but instead a baby E, thank you for enlightening me with the mistake...hehehe :)


E said...

Those arent echidna's, they're hedgehogs.
...THOUGH, I dont imagine baby hedgies looking insanely different than echidnas and pangolins outside of the nose shape.

Anonymous said...

those aren't echidnas, you're right, but echidnas..puggles..are born without spikes!

Anonymous said...

i know fo a fact that those arent baby hedge hogs, those are baby porcipines. hedge hogs have smaller quills. get it right idiots.

Anonymous said...

Ooooh!! ^_^ There tummies look all squidgy! ^_^ said...

cuuutttteee...I love them