Monday, 8 October 2007

Happy Birthday Zura!

Everlasting flower to an everlasting friendship!

This Everlasting flower shot i took from kundasang last year and now im posting it on my blog coz i wanna wish my best buddy Zura on her birthday which is today and everlasting Happy Birthday wish from me! i dont get to do this last time coz we are so busy with each others life BUT things changed now and i have you just next door so very convenient indeed! anyhow.....

Happy Happy Birthday to you my dearest Zura!

Love always,


Jurra said...

Cilla.. thanx for the thoughts! Even though kau tesalah date sampai sms dia advance a few days..hehehhe

Takpe.. its the thought that counts..hopefully aku tidak lupa your bday!

Hey.. when can Datu join us doing this blogging thingy.. I wonder if she knew our blog?

I_ AM _ CLARITY ! said...

heheheh..advance pun advance lah as long as i get the wish across :) And as for si Datu...hmn..welll she doesnt seemed to be on the net much like we do and this blogging things is really addictive..hehehe maybe we should get her into this kind of addiction too :) then baru best :) bah nanti aku find out if she is knows about this or not :)

Happy besday again zura :)muakkks!