Sunday, 28 October 2007

My sunday..

Today we had a small suprise when my mom's bestfriend, Aunty Cath and grandaughter Nadya came by for a visit at our home :) It was a nice glorious day indeed as its been ages since i last saw them both and Nadya's mom happens to be my childhood friend and best friend as well. Unfortunately Sherry was unable to come as she had other prior meetings but her daughter and aunty Cath's visit is enough to make me feel happy indeed :) And my mom surely had a marvelous time indeed as Aunty Cath is also me mom's chilhood friend and best buddy :) So its a catching up visit thats been long over due :)

L -R : Aunty Cath, Nadya and mom

Nadya is very speacial to me coz she is not only my best friend's daughter but also coz she reminds me of me when i was her age. SO i told her mom Nadya is also my baby coz i just love her! The moment i saw her for the first time i knew that im going to love her so i told sherry that she is my baby too and thats what i've been calling her my baby :)

Here's my baby's picture...very very beautiful just like her mom and i adore both of them indeed :) Like daughter like mom :)


Then afternoon i got the opportunity to go out with Nadya's mom, Sherry which is my best friend. So its a double bonus indeed :) we had wonderful time together went out to eat at a place called D'Junction where we chat from 3pm to about 6pm then we moved on to cocoon and chatted again till about 8pm. Was a wonderful get together and since our birthdays are both getting nearer so we talked about what we are gonna do so we decided to spend one whole day sometime in December just the two of us and have wonderful time together just like when we were kids and celebrate our birthdays together. So thats something for us to look forward to.

here is Sherry in her necessity of being simple..heheheh :)


Well, thats the whole account of my whole sunday. Well i hope i get to have wonderful sunday like this is again soon and to my best friend Sherry, Love you always!

Just me,


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