Saturday, 6 October 2007

1st Tagged :)

Ok Amey is the first tagger here and i have to tell an embarrassing moment that happened to me :) hmnn..ok let's see...ahh....i got one :)

Well this is when i was back in Aussieland. I have lost some weight at one point and all my clothes were either too big or just faling off my ass...but anyhow, one night some of my classsmates and myself went to a club where we can have some drinks and play pool at the same time. so i went home and check my wardrobe i dont have many stuffs to wear coz everythng just seemed like too big so since i was in a hurry i just wore what is available and thts a size 30 jeans and a big sweater. But i noticed tht the zipper kept going down coz its too lose on me. So it was my turn to play the pool. I was so enjoying it and was winning too and then i noticed tht the guys are all looking to watch me play then i was like wah! kembang lah konon! but then again at the back of my mind.....ermn...why are they fix on me arr.... macam lah i know how to play sangat..hahaha...then finally afer palying for a long while i feel like wow where did this cool gush of air coming from and tickle the skin just below my tummy...then i look down .....OMG! my zippers.....they are way down there (sob! sob! sob!) it's wide open all the time no wonder wonder those crazy morones classmates of mine were fixing their eyes looking at me exposed pink panties ....aiyohhhHH! so embarrasing....if there was a hole there at the time i would have jump in it! :( so memalukan :(( then i went home and wish upon wish that they (my morone classmates) would shut up about the incident but NOPE....the next day it was miss pinky panties for me in the classroom for as long as i know...hahahhaa well, thts me being tagged by ms prettykismet :)

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