Thursday, 25 October 2007

Mr. Rapacious...

Since i was unwell for a few days, i have been doing a lot of reminiscing about my past...what a very strange feeling im having right now...Mid life crisis? Heck i dont know but enough to say that it got me thinking about a lot of things. Especially regarding my past relationships with men or rather more closely those whom i had a deeper relationship with. Hmn....still cant understand why things happened the way that they do but...moving on has been a swift part of the recovery for me on all my past relationships which only account of two major ones but its an eye opener for both and streamlined me to be more adult in how i value relationship towards another. Like most heard comment...Life goes on with or without HIM! Hehehe ;)


For you Rapacious!


What a terrible state in which to remain,

Just so damn glad it's over when it's over indeed!

Oh Rapacious!

How you plagued my life. Who are you?

I can identify you now.

You are sitting in front of the computer in silence for a few hours.

Looking, reading and typing,

You are a peck on the cheek when he wanted a passionate kiss.

You are the subduing of feelings of disgust when forced by guilt to do things I don't want to.

You are exhileration when met with someone who is interested in me.

You are my obligation to remain in the rut.

You are walking in the dark because he doesn't want to leave his demanding so-called "friends".

Oh, how you have plagued me!

Oh, how you have sickened me!

Oh, how you have made me someone I am not.

Now, I am free from you.


Your shackles are something existing in perception only

Why did I not see this before?

Before I did things I regret.

Before I wasted time.

Before I got to this place.

But, I am happier now.

Take that, Rapacious!

You thought we were pals,

But now you ask me are we just that?

And I respond, "Heck yes!

You've made your bed, so now sleep on it!

Oh rapacious!

You have ALWAYS been a jerk!

And what a jerk it has been indeed!


Complacency is but a good feeling,




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