Sunday, 14 October 2007

Funny How Everything Goes Back To “Why”

Sometimes I just like to be simple and say "just because" this and that....and many more. But we are also always make life harder than it has to be. Yes, bad things happen...and they usually comes when we least expect it to come I have a nice little sob story I could tell you....and I know plenty of others who have same woes stories and much worse than I do...and for me that is very sad to know because I know the hell I've been through. But still...we either hang on to it and let them kill us slowly...and let those evil nit wits and morones who used and abused us win....OR we put our hands on our hips and say "WHY?" and we answer back with a smirk "Just because" The most simple thing we can do is just be it. Why is that scarry to people? Doesn't mean that you dont' accomplish anything or that you sleep till sun up every day or that you allow someone else to carry your just means that you don't take on the loads of others, you don't let life beat you while you try and fix it. You do what you can when you can.....and move on. If everyone just did what they could, when they could....we would be surprised as to how much would be done...and how much wouldn't need to be done.


If you can do things yourself...then just do one owes anyone anything. I made sure I don't. I haven't harmed anyone....or caused anyone pain, grief or suffering....and neither have most of us. No one owes me anything and it's doubtful that anyone owe's most people out there anything. Life has become some kind if entitlement....and it's not. None of us are entitled to the air we breathe. or the food we's all a gift....either we give ourselves by our own labors or a gift someone else graciously shares with you.


I guess "GET OVER WITH IT" is what I wish everyone could understand. Sure we are all special....but none more special than the other. I'm not competing with anyone....I don't care what anyone has or doesn't have. It's all about the person you are. And honestly you can't hide that. Try as you can't ever hide that. !!


Why me... L


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