Sunday, 24 February 2008

This one is for the far and away...

well do you know what this vegetable is called? Or to some Sabahans who lived far and away, the opportunity to see this vegetable is probably close to zilch, i think but anyhow here is another closer look at the vegetable again.

the leaf is seperated from the stems by sliding the knife from top to bottom...easy job this part :)

Since the leaf is red so when you cook it the gravy will also be red :)'s called "lembiding" It's one of my favourite it on ly cost about RM1.00 for a whole bunch of it. It's usually sold at the stalls and my mom grab a bunch yesterday and thought i'd share it with my readers far and away coz im pretty sure it will surely bring out memories of how this vegetable really taste like and how it is cooked. I know my late grandma used to cook this with "udang Kering" and some garlic and red onions and thats it, you get your very own "sayur lembiding"

The process of getting the vegetable itself is a bit of a task. since this type leafy vegetable can only be found in swampy areas and to get them you need to get soaked in the swampy waters and brave them nasty leaches to get to them collected. But when it comes to selling them it's just RM1.00 for a whole bunch.

Here's my mummy dearest preparing to cook the "lembiding"

and finally here is the finish product :)

Bon appétit!



Ms eNVy said...

can 'tapau' for me or not ??! .. hehehe .. I am soooo missing lemiding right now! ..

[Large and in charge] said...

Just me a buck and I'll collect one pickup load of Lembiding by the road side on the old road...hehe

I_ AM _ CLARITY ! said...

i know but got banyak them leaches hahahaha eeeuwwww :P