Saturday, 16 February 2008

The COLD strikes again!

I was feeling kinda groggy the day before which was on Valentines Day but i thought it's going to go away then i started sneezing and nose become so bloody irritating and the cold cold tempreture in my office box room didnt help either's been capturing 13degrees temp the whole week and its insanely crazy and the management of the building couldnt do anything to at least make us feel like we are in the correct tempreture instead of feeling like we are in Alaska in an igloo is more like it...ppfffffffff! How long more can i stand this maddening situation ! cant even type on the keyboard for every few minutes i have to get my finggers back in my winter jacket....yes people...sadly and wearing a frickin "Winter Jacket" + Thermal stuffs that we usually wear during winter and STILL...i can feel the shivers going in my bones!! I hate this! and top of it all....i have the blasted flu! :(

So i went to our panel doctor and he told me i got to get some rest and take up some medications and some time off from work to recuperate :) So recuperate i take my mind off being sick, i went snooping around with my camera...and here is what i got...Enjoy:)

red nose me,

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supervixen said...

love the drops!