Monday, 4 February 2008

Looking very oriental today :)

I didnt realised that i look different today as to me everyday i look the same for maybe every now and then i change my make up colour but thats just about it..then today i actually had a "Bad Hair Day" so...cant do much if the wont do what we want them to do and look so i had to make do with hair clips so ..i had a all back hair do today and clip all my hair to the back. I didnt know that i look any different but it seemed like my uncle Siven, who have never said anything how i look since i've worked with him suddenly look at me and told me that i look very very different today..hmn....then others were saying to...i still think i look the same but then again my silk blouse might have made it look more dramatic for a chinese opera lady ! hahahahahah well have a look at this pic and im sure u will say..i think she looks just the same :)

Oriental me...NOT! Chindian i think hahhahahah!


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