Wednesday, 6 February 2008

Something chinese...and something simple

From the moment i got back from Half Day Work today....Mom's been attentively busy-ing herself on me...first she was commenting me on my picture taking technique which i never heard of she ever saying anything then somehow we got into talking about the internet and finally we sat on the swing and showed her stuffs on the net and we had a ball..she was reading about how ms. envy and her kids are doing in canada and we browse about a few other things on the net regarding interesting photos and she particularly like ms. envy's and aliceinwonderland's blog coz she can view lots of her great grand nephews and nieces so it was fun...and she saw mapsy's blog and all i can say is she was trully amazed at what we can do on our blog and perhaps...she too wants to start on one...soon mummy dearest, me and mapsy will do our best to get you and dad connected to the net and bugg the hell out of mapsy and my life everyday with skype calling every 5 minutes hahahaha...gosh i cant imagine that.... :P

So still on the topic with my 3pm i was still talking with her about everything and anything and dont know how it come about suddenly i found myself agreeing to cook a dish tonight thats going to be really chinese in our sino sense that by 6pm she was already ready in the kitchen to help me around the kitchen to cook "something chinese" as according to her its chinese new year eve and therefore we should have something of a chinese feast tonight. So looking at whats available in the fridge chicken and some vegetables and chinese sweet white what the heck i hentam here is my chinese feast...which i dont know what to call it but its chinese anyways ! hahahaha :P

Like my mom said....enjoy the feast and happy new year to all of you :)

here's the dish..i'll call it mom's chindian chiken stirfry .hahaha

Chindika me!



mapsey doodles said...

heeeeeeeeeey! r u sure dis iz a gud idea? i update dis blog 4 u guys 2 kno wassup wen i'm away but i dowan mommy 2 kno evry friggin detail! u spose to sensor it wen tellin mommy! if she reads it .... i'm so ....dead! ....then, wh...what did she say bout my blog?

I_ AM _ CLARITY ! said...

well she knows you too well to know that you speak your mind all the time so she was basically just looking @ pictures in ur blog and said its sooo dangerous! and that ur too thin..hahahha thats all..can u imagine mom having her own blog?? hahahhah

Ms eNVy said...

whoa! .. chicken looks yummilicious! I'm so hungry right now! .. hmmm .. your mom saw my blog ? .. well guess no harm in her knowing about what's happening over here .. which can be right down boring at times especially with the weather :(

on another note .. it would be interesting if she gets a blog of her own .. maybe something juicy about you guys will be posted heheheh .. take care .. and hugs .. regards to your mom from us all.

mapsey doodles said...

oh my gawdness! that'd b soooo dangerous!