Sunday, 2 March 2008

Zoo-ing Day with my family |: 0)

Well after done with groceries shopping with me mom last Saturday I thought it would be a good idea to rest for today as tomorrow it’ll be cooking day for me therefore I’ll be on my toes on most of the morning and afternoon I'm sure of there I was just about to start on my afternoon nap WHICH I rarely do, then suddenly me mom went knocking on my door and said, come let's go to the “Lok Kawi Wildlife Park” for they are having their 1st year aniversary and its free entrance for public. I do think it’s gonna rain pretty soon and it’s not such a good idea. But knowing “mom” once she sets her mind on something there is no telling her to think otherwise she said we will bring umbrella and bla bla befor I know it I'm already in the car with mom, dad and shafiq on our way to the zoo which is about 5km from our place, so its not too bad a ride.

I also noticed I dont know if its intentionally or what but the three of them seemed to be spoting with the same coloured Tee-shirt whish is
“RED” and I'm the only one whose one with the wildlife theme colour which is green ....hehehe

well here are them pics...Enjoy :)

The Location - Entrance to the "Lok Kawi Wildlife Park"

The Zoo-Patrol wannabe(s) heheh especially the one in spectacles ;-0)

First stop - Rhinocerous dubbed "Lonely George"

And this one is my favourite shot :)

Elephant Patrol Indeed ;-0)

They are cutie-pies indeed, very active and very much adorable!

Handsome tigers! I so love their colours!

The animals that we managed to have a peek at before.....

it rained.....and we all got wet particularly me! :-o(

Ah well, the trip was nice anyways and im glad i decided to go wt my parents to the zoo indeed. I guess later in life i will look back at these photos and i'd be laughing my heads off coz my parents are bringing their 34 year old daughter for a stroll @ the zoo...shikes! what a story to tell my kids later hehehe :-0)

Ok guys here i leave you with my best shot at "lonely George, the sumatran Rhino"

Zoooooing with me!



Alice The Menace! said...

Well for one thing, u can never say ur parents nvr took u the zoo!! Albeit 30yrs too late! hahaha!

[Large and in charge] said...

Eh, your mom and your pop and Shafiq wearing red. Nda takut tu Tambadau bubut!

I_ AM _ CLARITY ! said...

@[Large & in charge]:

ermnn..ndak sempat pi tengok tuh Tambadau bah..sebab raining so sampai th emunyit2 puya area ja...hehehe

@ alice teh menace:

Well actually im secretly loving all the times i spend with my parents coz i think these are the moments that we will cherish for always ;)