Wednesday, 13 February 2008

Long, long break....1st Day of CNY - 7th February 2008

Its not everyday that we get to have a long break and to that it must be spent to the fullest :) and it is twice as fun and wonderful when we get to spend the "break-time" with our sweetheart. For me it was a wonderful opportunity for both of us to see a little bit more of Sabah and rediscover those places we usually see on brochures about sabah so basically its back to basics for me when i have to be the tour guide for mon coeur so that he can enjoy his stay as well as learn more about our culture here. So first stop would be KK itself and here goes the self explanatory pictures with the help of a few captions :)

The dragon dance @STAR

The Koi Fish pond @ STAR

Mon Coeur & me at the Jetty @STAR

@ Jesselton Point where we had our dinner at Nasi Padang Ibu and our designated driver for the day was my brother Reno :)

End of 1st Day of CNY :)



Ms eNVy said...

Hmmm oh la la ... who has been busy this CNY break ? ;) Nice pixs .. thanks so much for sharing :) btw ..
T'es-tu amuse ? ;)

I_ AM _ CLARITY ! said...

hehehe been busy alright :) and am learning french coz mon couer is ..errr..very french ..hehhe :)Merci beauchoup for stopping by too :)