Sunday, 24 February 2008

Just another weekend

Well, and yet again i have my parents and myself this Sunday too and at the earliest of morning i could hear my mom calling me to eat breakfast and coffee with her which seems to be the routine thesedays....On sunday usually my dad will go and get breakfast for us and that includes a few types of "Kueh's" like the home made donouts and some "Tausa Pau" and for me me he usualy bought me the all so famous 60Cents Nasi lemak where we usually get at school during school days and also some "Bi Hoon" and "Mee goreng" which worth a dollar each. So mom would usually call me from the kitchen to get up and have breakfast with her and after some cleaning up go and have the morning breakfast and munch away my "nasi lemak" yummmmy :)

Sunday is the only tme where i allow myself to eat nasi lemak..coz its too rich for everyday consume so its like a treat for me really to have Nasi lemak on sunday and also the highlight of my long no breakfsast routine during the weekdays. I think the banana leaf is what made the whole nasi lemak so yummy to eat..and the sambal of course and the little small "ikan masin" yummy ...hehehe..and its just 60cents. But the portion is really small which is good coz you dont want to over indulge in this food really and a little deprivation of this will surely makes up till the next time you ill have it which is for me until next sunday :)

This also brings me during the time when moncoeur was visiting and we had breakfast together and it was a really a contrast betwen the East and the west where we both have different stuffs on our plates and its funny but we still get to taste both food in the end . was really nice..just to prove my point here is a picture of our breakfast food together coutesy of Promenade Hotel :) I was having asian stuffs all the time and he would still stcik to the food that he is use to BUT with a small twist to can say, we both did a little bit of mix and match. He had some hard boil eggs nasi lemak style with the sambal with his usual bread and butter stuffs and i had my usual nasi lemak and bi hoon + something western which is fish something with some baked beans and tomatoes :-) But im so very glad that he can still adapt to some of our food and so we both get to enjoy them together. But i too like western food..A LOT! hehehehe

And then there was lunch time :) Mom cook some "fried rice" with some "sweet and sour fish" to go with it and another famous dish of hers and thats "ayam masak Kicap" Nene
k-mother style. Goshhhh! what a treat it was...hehehe :) Can hardly wait for dinner time ;) In other so "gondo-ot" hahahah!

Well next week is my turn to cook and here are the list of things i will be trying out ;) This morning, after breakfast we watch this cooking programme and i managed to get the recipe for some of th quick and easy dish that was prepared by the moroccan chef naly Chef Iqbal so mom too was saying that its worth to try it out next weekend indeed ;)

Next Weekend food to bake and cook for my mom :)

1. Lamb shanks with baby carrot & prunes
2. Wholemeal bread
3.Calzones ( Inspired by my cousin Envy's blog post)
4.fruit salad

ok will try to make all of this if possible for my mom on Sunday. My treat for her and hope she likes it and i appoint my sister superVixen to help stir what needs to stir coz she's a pretty marvelous stirer hehehehe :)

Im going to be a salad person for now at least try to master the art of fixing a Salad and also eating them is together another different story hehehe...but this is going to be my goal this month. to get back in shape and do some excercising and cut down on some heavy duty food thats not going to be good for my health and cook more healthy food. So i've said it but doing it yet again another challenge. But i will try my best coz i want to look good and be healthy at the same time.

Food for thought!

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