Sunday, 17 February 2008

I have a visitor :)

Well, after the birthday bash at Bella Italia, i had another thing seemed that i had a suprise ride home with someone :) It was wonderful indeed as it will definately be the first time for both of them to come visit me @ my home and finally get to met with my dog OB for they are too are both nuts about wonderful "branded Dogs" as flashy would say it goes the pics :)

But before are pics of us possies outside the Bella Italia restaurant waiting for the rain to stop while we wait for our ride to come get us ... :)

possies :)

Told you guys it was a wet wet wet day ....

Here is Morientez, myself and flashy :) And mom who is not in the picture coz she malu2 to take pics hahaha :)

Then here is my dog introducing himself to morientez and yeaps! he is in LOVE mode now hahaha!! he like morientez very very much

My ride home was sponsored by----> Morientez & Flashy :)

Thank you kindly to both of you :) I know Lok Kawi is not so near so very very much appreciated to both of you for the ride back home! :) Btw, mom enjoyed her time very much talking to flashy & Morientez about everything and anything ..hehehe so a big plus! ;)

Ok whose going to jalan2 and visit me next?? :)

Lok Kawi-ing!


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