Sunday, 17 February 2008

January Babe - Rainbow Birthday Bash 2008!

So it was the time of the year and month for us to celebrate our Jambus Birthday girl for th emonth of January and we have "pretty Kismet" as our Birthday gal for January.

Was a wet wet wet day since yesterday but it makes it more pleasant to dine there @ Bella Italia and the mood was just nice and romantic just what sums up Pretty Kismet i should we hope she enjoyed her treat there and also we wish her many many happy birthdays to come and may all her dreams come true! emmuahhhhh! from all of us Jambu Gals ;)

Here are the pics to depicting our time there at bella italia :) enjoy them pics folks ;)

Grazzie as Chef Maurizio puts it!



Denise ^ ChiCkyEGG said...

*LOLZ* x 100
darling ! ur cake is just SO REAL!
until I was like , eh, how come I didnt eat tat cake one ah ! hahahah
paluI! until i see again, SIALAN! is AN ARTWORK =p

Kismet said...

i didn't realize there's a cake hahahaha....till i read chickyegg comments...grazie Ms. Clarity...