Saturday, 1 September 2007

Talk a bout the week...

Another week went by and with so many things coming and going, working and not working ...all in all it was an ok week. No major disasters just a few blips and bloops but dodging the ball is still the ultimate grand escape...even if it means going to the "rest room" ( Noticed im using a very polite word here coz it happens to be one "rest room" indeed for some ....hehehe) and do heck god knows what in there for i and ms danne would have a pleasant excuse ready if you find us gone for more then 15 minutes ..right ms danne ;) all i can say is that the soap holder makes a very good place to rest one hand to hold up the head that needs dozing off for a few mins :) and i know Aggy would be very familliar with this situation indeed ..hahahah..makes me miss aggyy :(( Aggyyyy come backkkkk!! huhuhu

But are some of the activities done just to pass the time and have a bit of a huuu hahhh at the office before the acara "tutup kedai" at 5.30pm usually. Check out the web cam mangsa2 :))

here's Amey...she's getting pretty good at this posing bit :0) Good job mate!

This what happens when one cant go jogging,cant go stairsercise so we turn to evaluate ourselves and look what worse thing we can do more for the day, so we turn to our faitful web cam for some smiles and laughter shots! Ms. danne and Clarity possies as usual

not enough with only two person, so we spread the laughter and joy and smiles of being cooped up in the office because of the rain here goes the three stooges.
(Clarity, June and ms. Danne)

Ok....ever wondered how you looked like in a CCTV monitor? well this is what happens when two curious gals muck around wt the cam...i guess curiousity kills the cat! hehehee
(Clarity & ms. Danne)

One week in my life!

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