Saturday, 22 September 2007

Ketupat Rendang ---> Cheeky Egg's way :)

We were supposed to wear baju kurung today coz we had a bet going on whom ever do not wear the "Baju Kurung" will have to "belanja KFC" so last friday all of us were wearing baju kurung except for our president Morientez :) so here are the pics .....and i think cheeky egg is so so so adorable in her baju kurung gear :0) we know who is naughty here...hehehe

But we also know who is the naughtiest :)

And here is the cutest of all "cheeky egg" :)

baju kurung day!

1 comment:

Denise said...

* LOlz * !!!!!
THanks for loading my cheeky way =p
u know, my Father-I-L says " You have a nice shirt today"! Hhahahah... he says that when he wants me to do something! what the!

Fatimah Wong