Wednesday, 12 September 2007

Just doing what we do best.....

I was on the sofa with the laptop on when my sister Mapsy came by and "kacau" me and so we played wt the Web cam and so this is what we were up to and even our mom was curious at us girls gigling about and when she came near and look at what we were looking at it was just an empty screen and when she went away we were at it again ...heheheh But is "we" at our playful and gigling state of mind :) psssttt....i love my sister eventhough she is evil to me (ha ha ha ha) but she is also my baby sis who will beat up anyone who kacau me (another hahahaha from me) if you dont believe me...just ask her..she will tell you the same. Anyone who bullies me will be beaten up by my baby sis cute is that :-)

emmuahhhh to her for being naughty ;)

Cute huh ;))
Cam knicks and knacks,

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