Tuesday, 18 September 2007

Mom's big Performance @ Foh Sang

Mom was super excited coz she's got her girls coming to watch her perform her Worship Dance and we get to take pictures and video of her performing with Auntie Catherine as well. Too bad Sherry was not able to join or else it would have been super :)

Here are the pictures depicting our day towards the performance that night :)

on our way to Foh Sang, where the event was held and look at mom so nervous hehehehe...

Here is me and Mapsy enjoying our Cotton Candy and yes Maps seemed to enjoy eating it more then i do..its just too sweet :) This is a compilation of us doing crazy stuffs while waiting for mom's performance and also we both got wet too coz of the sudden downpour :(

Here is mom and aunty Cath performing their Worship Dance excercise :)

So here is our dinner :) Penang SeaFood Bi Hoon ...yummy also but according to aunty Cath. Its way too salty ...hehheeh

Dancing Queens :)


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