Sunday, 2 September 2007

My final blog for August and Hello to the month of September

I had a marvelous time on Saturday with my mom and my kid cousin Shafeeq. I promised to bring them out to eat lunch somewhere and as it turned out my mom choose it to be at Rafflesia Chicken Hut. Mom ordered her usual light mean of Sweet Sour Chicken and my cousin ordered his Deep Fried Chicken Rice and as for me i wanted to eat curry chiken and atthe same time i want something different so i got the combo meal of curry chicken and pandan chicken rice with leongfoon ping + lemon.all in all it was a yummy choice of food indeed :-)

Here are the pictures of my lunch :-)

Initially there was just three of us hanging out at the eatery place

Now we had a small surprise when i saw my sister mewot walks in the eatery and so we took pictures together too :)

then finally for desert.....what else is there to go gaga over when its Veda Blu come to the rescue :-) yummmmmmmmmmmy!

My cousin Shafeeq and me!
He had Vanila classic and i had my blueberry yogurt..yummyy!

We rockafellas, rock with Veda blu ;)

All in all,August been a typical month, with not much happening that really rock my world. There are a few issues in and out of my life but nothing that cant be ironed out in the coming months. Looking forward to September now with my view of doing more exercises and sticking to routine diets and exercises and hopefully September will bring more progress towards this goal im trying to archive which is to look good and be healthy.

other then that on the relationship part of my life well..looks pretty much ordinary but extraordinary when putting it into words. Just have to play it by ear i guess towards whats gonna happen next. Its just so out there and yet cant actually grab it. And there are some situations that go beyong the expectations and its just like hamsters running in their cycling cage just goes round and round and no end to it....when it gets bored off it went round and round again...funny how things turn out to be like what they are and its just the way it is unless another shoe drops and everything seemed to have a different perspective to it. But..the question is..when is the other shoe gonna drop?

Ok guys..gonna leave August with a big smile and big hope for a better September !

Cherrioo! and signing off!

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