Sunday, 2 September 2007

Be there or Be Square!

Alrighty! I'm supposed to cut down on my food intake but once im being cornered by these three culprits namely Morientez, checky Egg and Lilblackdots..gosh im a goner! So we ate lunch at the Square cafe' and it was a glorious hu ha chit chat over the top huru-hara kinda lunch with all loud mouths included :-) And fortunately Morientez and her ever so reliable 3.2 mega pixel Samsung Camera Phone did all the capturing to tell the story.

here is how it began...

chit chat a bit then suddenly Lilblackdots's "nasi Lemak Arrives

hmnnnn..her nasi lemak looks really delicious!

then talk and talk and talk somemore then Cheeky Egg's Nasi Ayam came along

Dont you reckon the Steamed chicken in the boat looks cute :-)

Then more talking...then comes Morientez's Sweet Sour Prawns

oh gosh yummmyyyyy!

Then comes the not so glamourous Kurma ayam which is my favourite...

Oklah the taste but....God knows how much it cost!

This is the picture of "tukang Makan" before finding out about the price of the food she's getting...nantilah tengok...if got or not picture...

Then here is the soup of the day

this is the Sup terjun Vs Nice soup

and finally....

ABC combo - ChickyEgg & Lilblackdot's desert

ok that wraps up our luncheon at the square cafe where i, pasal my mengada2 ways is paying more then everyone else coz mintak puji want to eat the kurma with the fried rice so therefore i was charged double....nasib baik had enough money to pay :-( or else have to cuci pinggan lorrr at the kitchen sana...he he he like Kelly Clarkson's song --> Never again! huhuhu

Lunch with me!

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