Sunday, 2 September 2007

Breakfast in Jawa!

I don't do much of eating breakfast but when i do it better be good and worth taking pics for too....hehehe Morientez and "mamasan" kidnap me to go and have breakfast and mamasan been very very very nice to me this week and i sooooooooooooo love it :-) Its not everyday that someone pampers you since i have no one to get me all the attention and all so its nice to have someone looking after you every now and then like Morientez and Mamasan does..aweee thank you guys :-)

On this occasion, we had breakfast just downstairs from our building at this all so familiar canteen that's sells food that you need to go to Jawa Island, Indonesia to get. So i guess we are lucky :-) anyhow, i didnt get any Jawa Food really i just had the typical "nasi Lemak" and yet again but without the fancy trimmings just sambal ikan bilis and the "whole egg" thingy. So it was a normal yummy food as usual and its Morientez who introduced this kind of eating to me and now im hooked just hope i dont go set myself a habit of doing "nasi lemak" everyday i'd be fine ;) Then Mamasan brought some custard tarts..yummy gosh...there goes my diet for the week ..hahaha

Well here are the pics :)

The "Nasi Lemak"

The "Nasi Lemak. Teh Tarik Suam & Sop Kosong

The Tukang mamam and the food :)

The Tukang Mamam and the custard Tart

The Yummy Custart Tart from Mamasan :)

The ever so Garang look by mamasan and me
Cant believe morientez managed to take this pic ..kah! kah! kah ! :-)

hmnnn......the tukang makan showing her ever so "kekenyangan" and satisfied look :-) or perhaps regretting eating that much ..huhuhu..morientez lah nie !! :-(

Pictures by : Morientez

Breakfast @ Tiffany!

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