Tuesday, 4 September 2007

Its pierced thru my.......NOSE:-)

I haven't thought about my long time ago pierced nose until ms. danne was talking about it last week.She even blogged about it and i was saying why not have a go with it. Then i was thinking.... I already did had mine done a few years back and i can still see the mark on me nose...so one thing lead to another..i was messing around with one of my gold earing stud and try to poke it on my nose which have the hole mark on it..surprisingly it went in bit by bit with no considerate pain at all..then until about half the length of the earing i start to feel some pain...but not much then i kept on pushing it in bit by bit still then after about an hour i noticed that its more then half through already so no point for me to stop now so i went on until i think i reach the end of the obstacle which i need to to poke harder and hardest until its through to the other side of me nose. Then after a bucket of tears streaming down my eyes but with a silent cry...i finally managed to poke it through and made a hole :-) hehehehe and the important part of all.. "No Blood" so it should be fine... then i showed it to my mom ..and all my mom got to say is just be careful with the blanket and your pillow don't want it to get stuck and cause it to bleed again like the last time she said ....hehehe so i was careful....and woke up this morning with a slight swell on the side of the stud but everything else looks fine...so this week im gonna have to avoid prawns and stuffs.

so here are the pics of my new studded nose ...ha ha ha :) and whens ur turn ms danne? ;)

This one is taken right after i managed to poke it through. Smiling but actually in pain hehehe.

This one looked ok but it kinda swell a bit.

And this one...gosh it look like i have a bugger or a zit on my nose kah! kah! kah! well DY thats ur bugger nose shot...just for you ;)

Nose-Ring a ding ding!


danne@delphina said...

ohh gossssh!!!! Do I dare?? I don't know. Im scared. Haha! Will u be there and hold my hand n tell me everything's gonna be allrite when they poke that thing thru my nose?? hahahaha!!

I_ AM _ CLARITY ! said...

i will be there not only to hold ur hand but to help angkat ur nose pun can...hehehe..just u will be terkejut sikit and pain sikit like a very big semut gigit :) stinging pain but after a while it will be gone then u rasa like ur nose becomes big ..hahaa..but what we do for beautifying ourselves is just beyond me :-) But if u be doing it..i think u'llbe alrite ;)