Wednesday, 5 September 2007

6 Things...

Today i have a few things that was very much part of my day.
They are :-
  • My nose ring
Well so much for style, right now my nose seemed to be extra larger then usual..perhaps kinda swell a bit and if you accidentally push it ...god almighty it hurts...I think this is a find example to be saying "gatal tangan & kotoh!" hahaha..well I hope it'll be healed soon enough ...I hope lah...
then DY made a comment too..

  • My hair clip
I so like my hair clip :-) love it love it indeed :-)

  • My orange Chocolate Chip

Here is the food of the day..was munching this and handing them out to my workmates at work and the aroma was just fantastico! i think i like the orange smell more then the cookie though..but expensive cookie this is! But worth every penny coz i get to share them wt wonderful people around me :-)

  • The Rain
At the moment..i just dont like the rain :(( It's ruining my exercise routine with ms. danne and i can just feel my fats growing...goshhh this is badddddddd :(( hu hu hu 2 days in a row...this is not happening :-( Maybe i need to sing the rain rain go away song ... :((

  • No Date
  • The end


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