Monday, 3 September 2007

September here we come...The road to trepidation Part II

Well we gonna start our first week of September with some dash of fun activities and one of it is getting us fit and looking good. It so easy just to talk about getting oneself to lose weight but's hard :( But we gonna try anyways...right ms danne?? For me its either do or CRY! hehehe...Last month i have lost a few lbs but not much to get excited about coz I'm sure the scale is tipping back to the same position now :( Well ok i am not sure ..but i just wanna think the worse anyways. Trying now to lose little by little so that it'll tip the scale towards what i wanted it to be and that is to weight around about 52 ~ 53kg. I HOPE! hehehe

Ms.Danne and myself are gonna torture ourself to the brink of ...ermn...what ahh? heheh just gonna torture ourselves lah to look good coz we have targets to achieve dont we ms. danne ;) So off we go walking and running ...

No worries , no worries indeed :-)

Look at them legs! all set to do some mean walking and running!

I'm Just glad that its over....and tomorrow is another day :-(

was hoping it was a shooting star then my job would be easiest and just wish that i be waking up in the morning and weight just 52kg :)
No harm wishing anyways...but its not a shooting star but a jet plane instead making its mark on the sky...shikes! :(

Well guys its time to go home!

Night Night;)


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